I can't believe it's Monday again.

The weekend was so short! I met up with my new friend Liz for coffee on Friday. We hung out for awhile then went to the Baltic Room to meet up with Stu and Neil.
Megan-Poo was having a party at her place and me and the boys headed there. Frito joined us and we listened to music and talked and mixed drinks. I left around midnight.
I went over to Liz's on Saturday morning, we had breakfast and spent most of the day hanging out. Then I came home and Frito and I went over to Louise's place in Fremont for a little V-day gathering. Stu, Annie, Ji-Huyn, Alex, Brian, Megan, Lindsay and a few others showed up. There was tons of food and Frito and I brought a huge heart-shaped chocolate-chip cookie, shaped like a heart and a half-rack of Ranier. It was a nice mellow evening.

Matt was interviewed by MUSIC CONNECTION magazine. I don't know when it will appear, but he said it went well...and since it's our (Fey Ray's) first, it's pretty significant. Also, Frito posted the pictures from last weeks photo shoot of the Fey Ray site, check 'em out!

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