Pretty mellow this weekend. I met Stu and Tabitha for Chinese food on Friday night. We then stopped by a video store and picked up a couple of movies. Tab wanted something "intense", so instead of '28 Days Later' (my pick, natch), we watched "The Lover". I dunno what to say about that other it was mildly sexy, but the age difference and racial stuff was a total buzzkill.
On Saturday, I rode across town to pick up my bass and stopped by my favorite teriyaki joint. Later on, some of my coworkers met for a night of games. Mercy came along and we played "Hoopla". Scattergories and Tri-something or other. We drank a lot...
Today, I met Stu and Tracy for Dim Sum down the street from SH. I ate enough to kill at horse then went to band practice. Bradley Hansen and his lovely wife Molly came down and we took some band pictures. Now it's time to make some zzz's before work.

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