Segway Killa?

Bombardier, maker of planes, trains and water mobiles, forged a new way to battle wet and heavy terrain when it introduced the first snowmobile in 1942. Sixty-one years later, the transport manufacturer is again out to re-invent personal travel, this time on dry ground and congested city streets -- and on one wheel.

Now, that's kinda cool. I wonder how dorky I'd look on one, though. (Very, I bet.)

Frito is back from his weekend in Houston. Control of the dog is returned and I'm in a good mood. It's getting lighter out on my way home, which is ossem, Nigella is on today and Chelsea won over the weekend. What could be better, I ask you?!
Well, Trish asked me to be her Valentine! And Louise wants to pinch my cheeks! I don't know what that means, exactly, but it's nice to be asked.
Currently, the plan is for all of us single folk to converge on Louise's for food and drink and then maybe head down to TOST afterwards. I may go out and purchase a new red shirt just for the occasion!
Now that I think about it, I just realized that I've only had a girlfriend on one(!) Valentine's Day. Usually, I meet someone before or after, but it's been a long time since I've had to send flowers...not that I haven't given them for other reasons.
Hm. Maybe that'll change next year.
There are plenty of other things that make me happy, tho. Fr'instance go-go dancing in the living room to "Take the Fifth" by Spoon (Quite possibly my favorite band right now -- go their site and download some mp3's!), or watching Nigella's show or reading Robert Fagle's translation of The Illiad, which was suggested to me by my new friend Anika. (That's right, Calvino's on hold -- actually, I read the first book of the Illiad, bought The Phoenix Exultant, read that in two days, then went back to The Illiad -- I said mercurial, remember?!)
And the record release is coming AND Saturday after next, we're having a party!! The official reason is President's Day, but I think that, a) we've all sufficiently recovered from the holidays and are due a little hootenanny and b) Frito and I need an excuse to clean house...or something like that.
Anyway, Scott has 10 gallons of home brew (an ale and a stout, I think) fermenting in carboys in the kitchen. I suppose he'll keg 'em next week. Dunno if he'll BBQ, but one can always hope, eh?

Correction- Frito just came in and told me we have to push the date back to the 28th! Cindy is moving out here that weekend and he needs to help her drive. Good thing I didn't send out invitations yet!

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