Suspension was pretty cool. As they say in the Party Volcano newsletter, the best thing about going to a ConWorks opening is running into people you haven't seen in awhile. That was very true. James and Carmel, Plastiq Phantom, Kento and Michiko (IQU), Carl, Rob, Annie, Evan, Annie and Ethan and Darcy were all in the house. We saw performances by IQU and Tamara the Trapeeze lady (I saw her act at the Pink Door a few weeks earlier). Plan B was ossem and DJ Charles Mudede kicked out some lovely six-ton dub off his laptop.
The best part of the night was IQU's set. They've got a new album recorded and I was amazed at how they kept everything together. As usual, they stood behind a table piled high with gear. Kento sang, played guitar and theremin, scratched records and twiddled effects. Michiko sang, played keyboards and guitar-synth. Somehow they make it look easy and fun.
During their set, a woman was being tied up. She was wearing a red sleeveless cheongsam and as two security guards stood on each side of her and watched, a older bearded guy, wearing biker's chaps, slowly and methodically tied ropes around her breasts, thighs, hips and ankles. It was fascinating. The guy was wearing a wedding ring, but the girl wasn't. They seemed to know and trust each other. Even though I was less than two feet away, I couldn't hear anything they were saying to each other as he tied and tested her bonds. After various adjustments were made, he kissed on the cheek and she was hoisted high into the air about 20 feet overhead, where she slowly undulated and stretched, wearing the serene smile of a madman or saint the whole time.
On Saturday, we went out to breakfast at Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe. I wanted to stop by the Trading Musician and look at gear. I'd been think about buying a new bass or amp or both, but I found an excellent Carvin preamp/power amp combo for a fairly decent price! I couldn't wait to get it to band practice and oh. my. goodness...my pant legs trembled in the wind it produced! (Instead of the wind I produce, ifyaknowhutImean...)
Saturday night, Stu and I went to our friend X-tina's (Christina) going away party. She's getting married and moving to Alaska to start a hunting/fishing lodge with her beau Dan. It's sad to see her go, but now Stu and I have a reason to go to Alaska and do some fishing!

It's going to be a busy week! I've got practice again tonight for the show on Wednesday. The album comes out tomorrow. Scott and Cindy got in last night, (on Friday night, he flew out to meet her in Minneapolis so he could help her drive) so we'll have to make some space for her, clean for the party on Saturday...

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