Action-Packed (As in "Packed" with "Action").

Right now I am so fucking tired that I wanna kill myself, but I can't get up the energy. And as if to mock me, it is a clear, sunny day out. Yes, spring is right on time if not a little early...not unlike El Stu.
On Thursday, I was visited by Anika. I hadn't seen her since the Amazon 70's Party Frito took me to over a month ago. She'd been visiting her brother in Paris. I was broke so I invited her over for tea and scones. I'd never made scones before and Cindy's attempt a few day ago didn't leave me with much hope, but Anika seems to be the understanding sort. As a precaution, I found a different and highly rated recipe on Epicurious. I figured that I was going to be improvising anyway, due to our rather depleated larder and it turned out I was correct. So...currents (soaked in water) instead of raisins. Half & half in place of cream, oil to make up for the 1/2 stick of butter I didn't have, lemon juice instead of grated lemon peel. I also got a little fancy with the egg wash, adding a tiny amount of honey liquor.
I knew I didn't need to knead the dough to death (Thanks Nigella!) and I got everything in the oven in time. Anika arrived halfway through the baking time and we got to spraffin' while my experiment baked in the oven. Guess what? They turned out! I won't be taking them the Puyallup Fair, but I didn't kill anyone (at least I don't think so). I have decided that I no longer fear baking and need to do it some more...
Anika and I talked about everything. Since we don't know each other that well, there was plenty of ground to cover. We drank tea in big mugs and discuss our jobs, writing, art and finally the Feagle translation of The Illiad, which she inspired me to read. I'm about halfway through.
Too soon, it seemed she had to go. I cleaned up-taunted Cindy for her failure and then hit the hay.
Friday morning, Liz came over and we went to breakfast at The Blue Star. I had something with bacon innit...so my day ended rather well. After she dropped me off I crashed for a bit, then met Matt, Loreilei, Tim, Guy, Matt, Leslie, Ana, Tess and Aaron for some Thai food at Ballet. We had some NSC bidness to discuss, but it wasn't that important...I recall vaguely that I agreed to help move some of our stuff out of Lorelei's basement. She and Guy have a kid on the way, so they'll need all the room they can get!
Stu and X-tina showed up a bit later. They had soem grub then the three of us went to Barca for some drinks and to shoot the shit. X-tina had to be on the plane at 3AM, so it wasn't a very late night. I was grateful, 'cause I was beat. I came home and (a very drunk) Scott called from SXSW. He and Chris K. had gottien into the American Music Club Show and he wanted to rub it in. But he held the phone up for the first song of their set, "Johnny Mathis' Feet". I got all misty-eyed, 'cause I thought I'd never get to hear that one played live, ever. I hung up with him, watched TV then went to sleep.
The following morning Cindy and I went' out to Dim Sum. I had a craving for Hum Bow that would not be denied! Afterward, I called Jay and asked him if we could ride over to Bremerton together. I'd originally intended to ride my bike and take the ferry, but my Swim buddy and I haven't seem much of each other so I figured it'd be fun to ride around. We shot the shit arriving at Jason and Kim's around 3:30. Kim gave me a tour of their very lovely home and I started to make a martini, only to realize they didn't own a shaker. So Jay and I went off to the store and got one and a set of proper martini glasses.
The rest of the heads came rolling in shortly after we got back. There was a TON of food...and booze. Fortunately, I'd eaten enough to filter the alcohol so I didn't get too messed -- which is good, I had most of the raspberry vodka I'd brought myself!
Poor Kimmy didn't fare so well, so I took care of her while she um, cleased herself. After everyone left, Jay and I went over to Patty's. She wanted me to see what she'd done with the place since Chad had moved out. Tracy had come over too and I wound up staying over. I went shopping with the girls the next day then I took the ferry back. I had to take a bus to Jay's to get my bike, then go straight to band practice. I was sweaty, tired and beat. After practice, I got about an hour and a half's sleep, then went to work.
As I was leaving, Cindy mentioned she'd found my motorcycle manual! I'd been looking for it for months!! Somehow it'd wound up under Frito's bed...when I swore it was somewhere in the basement.
I'd been wanted to adjust my suspension for a (heh) stiffer ride - but could'nt figure out how. I'd been on the VDOG forum, but without pictures, I didn't know what to look for. So, when I got home, I got out the toolkit and went to work. The Adjustment took minutes and the ride is so much better now!!
I've got a lot of maintenance to do so, I'm really excited that I've got that book back! I was just about to shell out for a new one!

Fey Ray will be playing The Crocodile Cafe on Thursday with Seth's friends from Brooklyn, the mighty Fort Ancient. Deets on at the Fey Ray website AND Matt and I have been adding content to news sections. I believe an article with the interview with The Stranger's Kathleen Wilson will show up with the new issue on Wednesday. I hope y'all can make it...

Oh yeah. I forgot that today is Tim's birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PROF!!

I'm going to bed.

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