Last night, the fellas and I met at Sean's for a little practice before we went down to the radio station.
KEXP is located on Dexter Ave., behind the building that used to a strip club. The building KEXP is in now formally housed KZOK and a country station, but now there's nothing going on outside to indicate anything going there at all.
We buzzed in and started bring our gear into the studio. Aveo had played right before us and they were still loading out. We chatted with them for bit, pretty nice guys. (But nice as The Pale -- who helped us load in!) We met our engineer and the two young punk-rock interns that were helping out. Everyone was really nice and since I'd been on the show before, I wasn't as nervous as I was the first time. Matt had brought some bourbon -- I normally can't drink the stuff, but this was pretty smooth. We passed around the bottle and got set up.
The fellas had suggested that I bring just my amplifier and run directly into the board, but when I got everything set up, I got some really nasty distortion. I switched to the DI box, but couldn't get any bass in the headphone mix despite asking for more bass in the headphones. We ran through our set a couple of times and I couldn't hear myself at all. I finally switched to different set, but they were marginally better.
We had two photographers in the room. One who worked for the station and the other was Seth's friend.
Abe Beeson (our host) came in and asked us some questions. I gotta say he'd done his homework! I thought he asked us some really good questions. I thought he played a pretty good set, although "Ralph Nader" was WAY too fast. Poor Seth looked like he was going to pass out after that one was over.
The show will be archived for 2 weeks and if KEXP likes the results (from a technical standpoint) it may get archived permenantly. Here's the link.

Also, Fey Ray will be playing a David Bowie tribute show on April 17 at The Hideaway. We're doing "Starman", "Look Back in Anger" & "Sound & Vision".

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