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You've probably heard the hype, but I don't care if I'm bandwagon-ing. I grabbed a few tracks by Franz Ferdinand and I'm hooked! They've got an interesting sound, part indie, part dance, but not like those so-called 'dancepunk' bands you've been hearing about. It sounds a bit like The Fall at their poppiest, mixed with a little Blondie.
I guess "Take Me Out" is the big single, but I like The Stranglers-like swagger of "Shopping for Blood" and the slacker humor on "Better on Holidays."
This is the next record I buy!
Also, I've been really getting into Interpol's album, which has been out for quite awhile now. Somehow it left me cold before, but now I really like it. TV on the Radio's long player came out this month and Morrissey will be dropping his new record in May. The track titles have me thinking that the Mozzer is out to kick some ass this time!
The American Music Club will be playing The Crocodile Cafe on April 1st. Which is fitting...this is a band I thought I'd never, ever get to see live! Maybe Husker Du will reunite.

Other bands I'm interested in (at the moment):

The Weakerthans
Postal Service
Young People

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