Our First Official Review!

Fey Ray - I Wanna Be New & Perfect (CD, BlueDisguise, Pop)
Smooth and seductive soft melodic pop in the vein of The Lassie Foundation. I Wanna Be New & Perfect is the debut album from Seattle's Fey Rey. With this release, the band has set a high standard for themselves. Despite the fact that their tunes are, for the most part, rather soft and mellow...on many occasions they display a solid sense of power. The band's vocals are most impressive. Wonderfully soft layered harmonies glide over intelligent arrangements to provide danceable yet heavenly pop. This album features super smooth flowing tunes with tons of subtleties adding just the right effect. By combining the best elements of progressive pop from the 1980s, 1990s, and the present...these guys have come up with a winning sound that satisfies. I Wanna Be New & Perfect is certain to hold up to many years of repeated spins. Superb cuts include "Morning Sun," "Reflections on Radicalism In America," "Draw the Curtain," and "No Suicide." (Rating: 5++)

Heh. I love how everyone thinks we're a "pop" band, then we hit 'em right between the eyes with THE ROCK live!

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