Saint Mark

I stayed home last night 'cause I've been fighting a cold these last few days. Fey Ray is playing The Rendezvous tonight, AND I got tickets to see American Music Club tomorrow! I'm so psyched! Like Wire, this is a band I thought I'd never get to see live, despite catching primary songwriter Mark Eitzel solo a bunch of times. I find it hard to think of another band that has had such an instant and persistant impact on me. AMC demands that you listen -- and that's too much for some people. Many times Stu and I would walk through Belltown, drunk and in need of the comfort sad songs can give. We'd bellow "Apology for an Accident" and listen to Mercury late at night.
It's not unusual to see people crying at an Eitzel gig. Like Morrissey, he has a way of cutting through the bullshit and piercing that ball of disappointment, lonliness and guilt we carry in our souls.
Anyway, I'm gonna be up front, likker'd up and throwing my panties onstage (as we say around here). I hope you can join us!

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