"So, How'd It Go?!"

It was a long day. I got off work at 7AM came home, ate a bit then slept from 11 til 2. Went to Sean's, loaded out the gear and drove the short distance to DMX where we met by Seth's friends in Fort Ancient. They played a half-hour set, then we got up and did four songs. Seth was sick, so we seemed to drag a bit, but I thought we played well.

We then packed up (it was about 5:30) and met at the Crocodile, where we ate dinner and goofed off over beers and cigs. Brundlefly, a young band from Vancouver BC played a really decent set, they reminded me of the Irish band The Frames. Fort Ancient came on again and played their poppy, buzzy music...kind of like Grandaddy fronted by David Bazan of Pedro the Lion.

We got up and proceeded to rock out. Seth started to visibly wilt around the third song, but he got through the set OK. We were energetic, but since it was a mostly empty room, there was no feedback. Still, it was nice to crank up the amps and have some fun -- especially with one of the best soundmen in Seattle behind the board! I had a great time!

Stu, Laurie B., Maria, Neil, Scott, Cindy, Daphne and Troy were there. Thanks guys! You rule!!

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