Dag...another era ending.

My old man claimed to be and Olds man. Although an informal tally of the cars he owned seem to put Chevrolet in the lead. We had a huge yellow Toronado back in the 70's. It was like a rolling living room!

My coworker was talking about her sister and said:

"You can't run away from your troubles, but you sure don't have to return their phone calls."


(Insert Evil Laugh)
I'm now another step closer to building my Death Star.


Back 2 Werk

Sadly, my vacation is over and I returned to work last night. I was in a pretty good mood and got a decent amount of work in. My deskmate had gotten laid off so all his stuff was gone, he even deleted his mp3s off the hard drive. So I spent a few minutes rearraging the desktop on my Mac and dumping icons and folders that didn't need to be there. It's weird 'cause although I didn't see Jae Jin often, I did consider him a comrade. Now there's only four of us on night shift.
Anyway, I didn't do much during my time off -- which was the point! On Monday, Scott and I went over to Stu's and watched "City of Lost Children." Some 20 year old kid got shot down the street from us at the park. I was on my way to get Pho and was not pleased to see cop cars and traffic backed up everywhere. I guess the guy died...sad. I met up with Mercy on Tuesday night. We went to this Japanese Bistro downtown. The food was really good and cheap too! I met Tess for dinner there on Friday. There was lunch with Patty on Wednesday, then went to a friends birthday party, then rode down to Renton to meet this woman I'd met online (ask me about in person -- it's a funnier story that way). Thursday I stayed in. On Friday, Stu had the day off and we hung out in the early afternoon. I helped him buy a new bathroom door at Lowe's and he took me to Trading Musician where I traded an old amp I had for a P-Bass kit. Later on, I met up Stu and Anika at Graceland to see SushiRobo and the amazing Smoosh!
I went to Bremerton on Saturday for J.R.'s birthday and hung out with Patty and Tracy Sunday morning before catching a ferry home.
For the most part, the weather was excellent, although it's still a little chilly. It actually felt unnatural to sleep at night. I stayed up pretty late 'cause I really didn't want to screw myself up too bad but if I ever get a job with normal hours, it's gonna take awhile to switch back.
Right now, I pretty much sleep in the early afternoon or when I get tired. However, once it gets really hot out, that will become impossible. Plus, my roommate likes to tinker around the house and getting woken up when he's sanding, painting, hammering or sawing isn't gonna be cool, but I can't expect everyone to be totally quiet from the time they get home to when I leave at 10. So I'm probably going to have to start hitting the hay when I get home and waking up around 6. At least we won't have major construction going on in here like last summer...



I met her when we all went down to the Paramount Theater to catch Portishead 5-6 years ago. She came in with Mike and I (feelin' Irie) was like, "Heeeyyy, who is this?!" We introduced ourselves and I don't think we said much to each other the rest of the night.
Awhile later, Kruder and Dorfmeister put on a BUMPIN' set up at Aerospace. Tab, J.R., Kim, Mike and Laura were all in the house. Laura and I danced and talked and I bummed clove cigarettes off her all night. Truly a fun evening!
Still later, Laura asked me about a mix tape that I'd left in Mike's car when he drove Stu and me down to Eugene for the Oregon Country Fair. We got to talking and finally hung out together. A friendship blossomed and it's been going on ever since.
Laura lives to flip me shit and I try to give it right back...I remember her saying to me once, "I bet you're not used to short, loud and pushy Filipino women are you?"
I said, "Honey, all the Filipino women I know are short, loud and pushy!"
Aside from that, she is also generous, kind, funny and fiercely loyal and kinda hot, despite her complaints to the contrary- and you can't beat that with a bat!

Today is Laura's birthday...So if you see her, give her a hard time from me, wontcha?!

(Oh, and be sure to stand out of reach - she's got a wicked backhand!)
'Seattle Times' Reports Favorable Response to 'Coffins' Photo - I saw this on my way to meet with Stu yesterday. I was quite surprised, especially since the Times has positioned itself as the 'conservative paper.'
I'd like to believe that this marks a change in the way the media is reporting the events in Iraq, what we've been told and the actual human cost of going to war there. Evidence continues to mount that at least to me, confirms that we've been hoodwinked by a group of people who do not believe they make mistakes, are above the Constitution and do not think they are accountable to we citizens.


Weekend Update

I went to see Tess on Friday. At one point we were joined by Matt, Jason and Aaron. Tess tells us that she and her Jamie want to learn how to shotgun beers after hearing about the fellas doing it last weekend at Men's Fellowship Night. (How Tess got through four years at Boston College without shotgunning is a mystery.)
Aaron decides to give his wife some advice:

Aaron: It's really simple. Like giving head! You just open your throat.
Matt, Jason and Me: Uh. Whoa! I don't wanna judge ya there, but how do you know that?!
Tess: I don't think so. There's a whole lot more fluid coming out of a beer! There's a big difference between cans and dicks!
Me: I am SO blogging this.

[Note: We received a correction from Tess: "Blog correction sweetheart, though I can stand by my fluid theory of cans and cocks, it is not I who has never shot-gunned beers, it is the lovely and innocent Jaime who wanted me to teach her...so there.


thanks for the giggle."

We stand corrected. - Ed. 04/22/04]

Later on, I headed out to Ballard to The Sunset Tavern to see Manta Ray, The Swords Project and Dolour. Manta Ray was on first and I thought they were pretty much like most of the post-rock bands I've heard, though a bit groove-oriented. Stu, Anika and Neil were there as was the Westsiide Posse: Jason W., Jason R., Carey, Glenn, Patty and Kim. I introduced everybody to Anika and she and Jason got into a big discussion about hair. (*sigh* Girls will be girls!) The Westsiders had come over to catch "Kill Bill 2" at the Cinerama and didn't stay long after Manta Ray's set (understandable, they had to drive back to Bremerton and Pt. Orchard).
Neil, Stu, Anika and I stayed through Dolour's set, chilling in a booth in back. Then after a couple Swords Project songs, we left Neil at the bar and headed home.

I went over to Stu's on Sunday afternoon. We went out for Mexican food, stopped in at Sonic Boom Records (I finally bought Franz Ferdinand debut, Camera Obscura latest, Echo & The Bunnymen's "Songs' to Learn and Sing" and TV on the Radio's full-length). Then we went to practice for the Bowie Tribute night.
Stu played tamborine and cowbell and James filled in on vocals and keyboards. I was a little concerned before Saturday, but after practicing by myself all week and James, Matt and Seth getting the vocals worked out, I was pretty happy. After practice, I hung out at Stu's for a bit then went home to change clothes.

My coworkers Molly, Travis, Renee & Jean (and Jean's husband) showed up and Tess, Neil, Scott, Louise, Ji-Huyn, Cindy, Tim, Anika, James' wife Carmel, Suze & Jamie were also on hand for moral support. We were on fourth and we really gave it our best shot! Seth told me he thought I'd nailed "Sound & Vision", Joel from Black Nite Crash told me that we did "Look Back in Anger" justice (good to hear, especially since BNC wanted to do that song) and "Starman" came out OK. The guys in Pleasurecraft were really complimentary, which was mutual 'cause I really liked their super new wave versions of "China Girl" and "Modern Love". BNC did a really cool version of "Subterranians" and Ripley's "Ashes to Ashes" was interesting 'cause they'd managed to make it into a rock song.
All in all, the evening seemed much to short but after being up for 30 hours the Thursday and Friday before I was pretty beat.
I got up around one and met Stu at the Henry Art Gallery in the U-District. We spent a couple of hours wandering around, but the Trisha Brown, Ellen Gallagher, Roy McMakin and James Turrell pieces all left me cold. I don't really dig "Conceptual" art that much, I prefer things that resonate with me on an emotional or psychological level. So we whipped through the gallery pretty quickly.

I had every intention of doing some motorcycle maintenence when I got home, but it started raining so I went inside. Cindy, Scott and I ordered Chinese food and watched The Simpsons. Scott wanted to see "Johnny English" but my tolerance for silly had been maxed out, so he went upstairs to watch it on his computer while Cindy and I watched "G.I. Jane" and gripping and compelling film starring Demi Moore...


De rigueur 23rd page, fifth sentence post.

1.Grab the nearest book.
2.Open the book to page 23.
3.Find the fifth sentence.
4.Post the text of the sentence on your blog.

"A shithole," my mother said, and even at the age of seven, I thought, Yes, she is right.

From "Naked", David Sedaris

tip o' the hat to George...
Shopping for blood.

I had a friend over and I was burning her some music CD's. While on my way up the stairs I tripped and stubbed my big toe. I cursed my clumsiness and made my way into the kitchen, sat down and started talking to my friend again. The pain in my toe was down to a dull roar, but I noticed the bottom of my foot was getter wetter and wetter...I looked down and there was so much blood that it was filling the bottom of my flip flop. I casually grabbed a paper towel and stuck in under my foot. Then used another to clean up the small pool of red on the floor. I didn't want to look at it, 'cause passing out in front of the ladies is NOT an option. Cindy looked and said I took a big chunk out of my toe.

She's going to pick up some bandages while she's out today.

Va-ca-tion was all I evar wanted

So...this week was bittersweet as I said 'goodbye' to several of my former coworkers. But on the flip side, I've got next week off! So if we haven't seen each other in awhile, perhaps we can meet up for dinner, a movie, beers, a show or some combination thereof. I'm especially talkin' to Oani, Tess and Laura...




The Care and Feeding of Your New Platonic Friend (via Metafilter)

Oh man, this is awesome! I have wrestled with this problem and have come up with a solution that seems to work OK:

Introduce the platonic friend to as many of your single friends as quickly as possible, then fade into the background, never doing anything with them unless it's in a group.
Usually, if you're carfeul, you'll have a enough time to get over it without going through "the talk" which is the fuckin' worst!


"Defense and the National Interest is intended to be a resource for all citizens concerned with the roles of armed forces in the modern world, the money and people we devote to them, and the effects on the rest of our society. Is the pressure to preserve programs and facilities, for example, having a corrosive effect on our national ethos?"

I posit that our national ethos has been corroded by more than the power, money and influence ceded to the our military. But since the long-standing tradition of a non-political military seems to have fallen by the wayside (example: the solicitation of military absentee votes during the 2000 election by the GOP - more here and here) perhaps greater scrutiny is necessary.

A budget of 401 billion dollars? And then we don't give our generals the troops they ask for when going into harms way? Come in and look around, there's fascinating readin' here, folks.

Also check out...defensetech.org


Prison Funnies!
Parents of 'Weird Al' Found Dead. No foul play, it seems that they mighta forgot to open the flue. Sad tho'...I'm going to bed.
Thursday's show was probably our best yet! We had a decent crowd, our playing was spot on and ::tintin:: kicked my ass! I got to meet the Imaginary Girls (Dood, Char is so fuckin' hot!) and Maggie (who is visiting from Noo Yawk) dropped in.
I took the night off, so I got to sleep in nice and late Friday morning. The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the last week, so I was dying to get out and go for a nice ride on my bike...but I kept goofing off and the next thing I knew, it was time to meet Stu and his coworkers down at the Islander Bar & Grill. So I headed downtown.
I wandered around for awhile until Rennie reconized me and waved me over. Stu wasn't there yet, he'd been waylaid by a consultant late in the afternoon.
He showed up about a half-hour later. We ordered beers and appetizers and I pretty much sat back and observed (and perused the Weekly). Around 8, a bunch of us met at the Six Arms on Capitol Hill for dinner. I got here ahead of the rest and met Neil, who was bummin' 'cause someone had gotten into his garage and stolen his comic book collection and a Nintendo 64. Scott, Cindy, Anika, Stu and his coworkers, Christine & Rachel, Rachel's boyfriend and another fella soon joined us and we got to eatin'. From there, the plan was to go to the Twilight Exit to meet up with Rockstar Trish. We left Rachel, her BF and friend at the bar and convoyed over the hill. The joint was full of hipsters, but we managed to find seats for all of us. I spent most of the evening chatting up Christine (grrr!). Trish showed up and bought me beer!
We closed the Twilight Exit and went over to Trish's house where we all talked and listened to records late into the night. Neil was too wasted to drive and passed out in the living room. Trish and I stayed up talking about music and her experiences with her current band until 6AM. She set me up on her other couch and then turned in herself. I woke up around 10AM but didn't get up until 12. Trish was still sleeping so I let myself out and went home. It was another beautiful day, so I took the long route.
I spent part of the day doing laudry and whatnot. Scott's old car had gotten towed the night before so he and Cindy went to get it out of impound. Cindy brought me a Double Whopper from Burger King on her way home. (You rule!) We watched "While You Were Out" while we ate.
Later on, as I was prepared to head down to The Hideaway to catch Transpacific, I got a call from Stu telling me that they'd been bumped from first slot to fourth. I'd just taken off my coat and settled back on the couch when Stu called again, telling me they'd been moved the third.
Matt and Sean had arranged a "Men's Fellowship Night" over at Sean's place. The plan was burgers, beer & poker. Frito was already there, so I decided to kill some time over there. I hung out through a few hands of Texas Hold 'em, then went to the club. As I walked in, Stu told me Transpacific was now going on second, that is within a few minutes. I walked into music room and caught the last song by The Lawn. Neil and his sister Sky were there so I talked to them while Transpacific set up. Anika and Arthur showed up too.
Transpacfic played a really tight intense show. Rob was so into it, that his glasses flew off.
Afterwards, I asked Arthur about the SushiRobo tour. I watched part of Asahi's set then went into the bar and chilled with the band. We stayed until close, then I rode home.
At practice Sean told us he was going to have to go out of town over the weekend, so he wouldn't be able to do the Davie Bowie tribute. I think we're going to call some folks, but if we don't get an answer by tonight, we're cancelling the gig.



Oy Vey.

Trying to maintain a state of "no mind" can be pretty hard. Especially when you are greeted at work with an announcement of layoffs. Half of my departmet will be gone, mostly due to having less work. I didn't get cut, which is good considering the economy but as I understand it, there may be another round. I feel bad for my coworkers, some of those leaving just had kids, got married or bought houses.
I don't know how they decided who to keep. I just come in and do what I'm supposed to, make a minimum of fuss and try to do the best job I can. I don't see that as remarkable, but hopefully it's enough. Of course, we'll have to pick up the slack which will bring some new challenges. I'm a little anxious mostly because I have no idea as to what form those challenges may take -- or how much of an impact they'll have on my personal, social and creative life. Working the hours I do means that most of your information from the bosses comes via email, scuttlebutt or speculation.
It seems like it's getting harder to plan for any kind of future. Your source of income may get yanked out from under you at any moment and in a tight job market, you gotta hustle your ass off just to find something to survive. This is so different from the rah-rah years, when I wondered if I was shooting myself in the foot for not constantly trying to improve my situation by job-hopping like a lot folks I knew did.
Anyway, morale still seems good. I have to say they handled the situation a lot better than Getty did -- no one was escorted out of the building or treated like potential criminals. I'm not as close to these people as I was at my previous job, so I don't feel it's something I can discuss with anyone. At least there was no noticable tension when I came in last night.
It's gonna be a lot quieter in two weeks...

In other news, Fey Ray has a gig tomorrow night at The Hideaway (formally The SitNSpin). Stu and I went there a couple of weeks ago to see those "Zombie Boomtown Hipsters" Black Nite Crash and it's a hoppin little joint! I'm hoping we get a decent turnout for this gig 'cause it's sponsored by the Three Imaginary Girls. We'll be playing with Anna Banana's new band, Slo Mo Rabbit Kick and Chicago's muscular math-rockers ::tintin:: . All of us in my are finally (knock on wood) healthy and we really want to blast this one into orbit! So if you wanna see a great rock show -- come on down!!
Details and links to the other bands at Fey Ray dot com.

Oh yeah! I guess tomorrow's edition of The Stranger will have Kathleen Wilson's interview with Matt!


Powell no longer sure that Iraqi trailers were weapons labs.

Hmm. That's interesting - Didn't Hans Blix say as much over a year ago? Frankly, I wish Powell would grow a pair and resign - the cred he's sqaundered carrying water for these bastards would probably be rehabilitated somewhat. He's doesn't need the money, so why does he stay? Does Bush have a photo of him as the "guest of honor" at a White House bukakke ceremony or something?!

I should record all the Sunday pundit shows. I can't wait to see how this gets spun.

Friday was clear and sunny, though the air was cool. A bit of a surprise at around 65 degrees. Yr smart mossback knows not to look a gift horse in the mouth, nor consider a marvy day a given so hell, let's break out the shorts, flip, flops and git while the gittins good. Git me?
I got. I went out fired up the bike and headed out to Alki. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, traffic wasn't bad and I grinned like an idiot (moreso than usual) the whole way. While cruising along the beach I ran into a my old friend and bandmate Tony. We chatted briefly and then I was on my way agian. Everyone was smiling and happy, the Olympics shone in all their majesty and there were cute girls everywhere!
I got back to the house about an hour later and killed some time reading and goofing off. My friend Dante, one of the survivors of the 2001 layoffs at Getty decided to become a househusband and take care he and his wife's young son. There was a going away party for him at The Ballroom in Fremont, so I rode out there and hung out with J.R., Robert, Patty, Renee, Jennifer, Richelle, Matt and few other folks I used work with. We drank some beers and shot the shit while watching the others play pool.
My cousin David turned 37 the night before and he and his friends were having a party for him. David and I used to be really close when we were younger but my folks, especially my father used to constantly compare the two of us (and sometimes my other cousin close to my age, Kenny) as a means of motivating me to be "better". This started a mild rivalry between the two us, which turned into a full-blown schism around 5th or 6th grade. David was always one of the funny, street-savvy and fashionable cool kids whereas I preferred to be an outsider who wore his nerdiness as a badge of pride. This continued until after I got back from Georgia and he and I did our senior year of high school together. We didn't hang out much even then as we had our own group of friends, but by that time I was a bit more conventional.
After high school we didn't see much of each other. I'd run into him here and again but then I thought about how tight we were back in the day and I resented the hell out of my folks for driving a wedge between us - we were like brothers then.
I figure I don't really give a fuck what anybody thinks now. So, why not make an effort?
So I've been doing that, inviting him to parties and such and trying to maintain contact. I invited David to my birthday party last year and he showed up, so I figured I'd do the same.
I headed downtown to a cozy little bar in the Pike Place Market. I didn't really know anyone but him but his friends were pretty nice. David was holding court and was, as the old folks say "high". He introduced me as his "little" cousin. Funny -- I'm at least 4 inches taller and about 100 pounds heavier, but whatever...
I had a couple of beers and chilled, trying to keep up with all the conversations going on around me. At one point in the evening, one of David's friends got up and asked "20 Questions About David" - I was surprised to find out his favorite drink is Wild Turkey (shudder) and his favorite actor is Al Pacino.
Another fellow in the bar was celebrating his birthday and when everyone in the bar sang "Happy Birthday", David insisted we show our love by singing it to him as well. The other birthday boy sent over some cake, which I thought was pretty classy. I had a couple of puffs off of one of the cigars being passed around and just took everything in. Around 11 or so, David posse decided to head up to the Paragon in Queen Anne Hill, but I begged off. I didn't want to hang out in joint full of frat boys, so I headed home. D gave me a hug and told me to ride safe.
On Saturday, I rolled out of the rack to find another glorious spring day! Frito and I went down to the new Krispy Kreme store in SODO (South Of DOwntown) and bought a couple dozen donuts (our new weekend semi-tradition). He and Cindy were planning to go to LaConner, a cute town up north a ways. I watched part of the DC United/Earthquakes game, hoping to see Freddy Adu play, but around halftime I decided it was too fuckin' nice to be inside. So I ArmorAll-ed the bike then went over to Stu's.
He and I went to a couple of record stores (Stu's on a Todd Rundgren kick right now) and he wanted to get some sleeves for some CD comps he'd made. We also stopped for Chinese food, watching all the pretty girls walking by the huge window at the restaurant.
The plan for the evening was for Patty, Neil and Stu's friend Alyson to join us, then go down to The Catwalk for a burlesque show. A night billed as "The Hubba Hubba Club." Most of the performers were the same ones we'd caught at The Pink Door in February. So I was kinda psyched to it. Indeed, most of the ladies I'd seen perform before, and everyone was really good but I can't say who enjoyed it more, us (mostly) het boys or the lesbians in the crowd!

You ask "Why Burlesque?" Two reasons. 1 - It's one of the few events that I can get my Westsiiiiiide friends to come over for. 2 - BOOBIES!! (duh!)


Saint Mark 2

Wow. The show last night was ossem!
Stu, Neil, Louise, Miriam, Frito, Seth, Daphne and I were all in the house!
Opening the show was David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. He played with a drummer and prerecorded bass parts. It was pretty much a PTL gig, Bazan played cuts off of all the Pedro albums and a couple of new tunes. As usual, he stopped to answer questions from the crowd. He said there would be a new album out in late May and in his modest, self-deprecating way, he gave a small speech about how, in this election year that it was imporatant that we vote. He called Bush "a revolutionary - but not the one I was hoping for", adding that even though he thought the administration was evil, he almost wanted Bush to win again, "just to see what was possible." While I agree that it's indeed fascinating, I think the price is a bit too high to find out!
Bazan then played a pretty pointed song called "Backwoods Nation."
American Music Club came on shortly after that. I was working on my second oilcan of Foster's lager and feeling awright. They opened with "Johnny Mathis' Feet", which was the first song I'd ever heard by them...ten years ago! Mark looked great and was a full-on frontman. He kept the between antics to a minimum and debuted several new songs, "Job to Do," "Team USA," "Home", "Brothers in Arms", "You Can Be Anyone", "Crowd", "Patriot's Heart" and the jazzy "Ladies and Gentlemen it's Time" (which you can grab here.) AMC played for about an hour and a half, with two encores. Afterwards, they came out and chatted with fans. After swiping a poster, Stu, Scott and I went down to the Lava Lounge, where we ran into Sensi Pete and his friend Patty. We closed the joint and then headed for home.