Back 2 Werk

Sadly, my vacation is over and I returned to work last night. I was in a pretty good mood and got a decent amount of work in. My deskmate had gotten laid off so all his stuff was gone, he even deleted his mp3s off the hard drive. So I spent a few minutes rearraging the desktop on my Mac and dumping icons and folders that didn't need to be there. It's weird 'cause although I didn't see Jae Jin often, I did consider him a comrade. Now there's only four of us on night shift.
Anyway, I didn't do much during my time off -- which was the point! On Monday, Scott and I went over to Stu's and watched "City of Lost Children." Some 20 year old kid got shot down the street from us at the park. I was on my way to get Pho and was not pleased to see cop cars and traffic backed up everywhere. I guess the guy died...sad. I met up with Mercy on Tuesday night. We went to this Japanese Bistro downtown. The food was really good and cheap too! I met Tess for dinner there on Friday. There was lunch with Patty on Wednesday, then went to a friends birthday party, then rode down to Renton to meet this woman I'd met online (ask me about in person -- it's a funnier story that way). Thursday I stayed in. On Friday, Stu had the day off and we hung out in the early afternoon. I helped him buy a new bathroom door at Lowe's and he took me to Trading Musician where I traded an old amp I had for a P-Bass kit. Later on, I met up Stu and Anika at Graceland to see SushiRobo and the amazing Smoosh!
I went to Bremerton on Saturday for J.R.'s birthday and hung out with Patty and Tracy Sunday morning before catching a ferry home.
For the most part, the weather was excellent, although it's still a little chilly. It actually felt unnatural to sleep at night. I stayed up pretty late 'cause I really didn't want to screw myself up too bad but if I ever get a job with normal hours, it's gonna take awhile to switch back.
Right now, I pretty much sleep in the early afternoon or when I get tired. However, once it gets really hot out, that will become impossible. Plus, my roommate likes to tinker around the house and getting woken up when he's sanding, painting, hammering or sawing isn't gonna be cool, but I can't expect everyone to be totally quiet from the time they get home to when I leave at 10. So I'm probably going to have to start hitting the hay when I get home and waking up around 6. At least we won't have major construction going on in here like last summer...

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