"Defense and the National Interest is intended to be a resource for all citizens concerned with the roles of armed forces in the modern world, the money and people we devote to them, and the effects on the rest of our society. Is the pressure to preserve programs and facilities, for example, having a corrosive effect on our national ethos?"

I posit that our national ethos has been corroded by more than the power, money and influence ceded to the our military. But since the long-standing tradition of a non-political military seems to have fallen by the wayside (example: the solicitation of military absentee votes during the 2000 election by the GOP - more here and here) perhaps greater scrutiny is necessary.

A budget of 401 billion dollars? And then we don't give our generals the troops they ask for when going into harms way? Come in and look around, there's fascinating readin' here, folks.

Also check out...defensetech.org

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