I met her when we all went down to the Paramount Theater to catch Portishead 5-6 years ago. She came in with Mike and I (feelin' Irie) was like, "Heeeyyy, who is this?!" We introduced ourselves and I don't think we said much to each other the rest of the night.
Awhile later, Kruder and Dorfmeister put on a BUMPIN' set up at Aerospace. Tab, J.R., Kim, Mike and Laura were all in the house. Laura and I danced and talked and I bummed clove cigarettes off her all night. Truly a fun evening!
Still later, Laura asked me about a mix tape that I'd left in Mike's car when he drove Stu and me down to Eugene for the Oregon Country Fair. We got to talking and finally hung out together. A friendship blossomed and it's been going on ever since.
Laura lives to flip me shit and I try to give it right back...I remember her saying to me once, "I bet you're not used to short, loud and pushy Filipino women are you?"
I said, "Honey, all the Filipino women I know are short, loud and pushy!"
Aside from that, she is also generous, kind, funny and fiercely loyal and kinda hot, despite her complaints to the contrary- and you can't beat that with a bat!

Today is Laura's birthday...So if you see her, give her a hard time from me, wontcha?!

(Oh, and be sure to stand out of reach - she's got a wicked backhand!)

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