Oy Vey.

Trying to maintain a state of "no mind" can be pretty hard. Especially when you are greeted at work with an announcement of layoffs. Half of my departmet will be gone, mostly due to having less work. I didn't get cut, which is good considering the economy but as I understand it, there may be another round. I feel bad for my coworkers, some of those leaving just had kids, got married or bought houses.
I don't know how they decided who to keep. I just come in and do what I'm supposed to, make a minimum of fuss and try to do the best job I can. I don't see that as remarkable, but hopefully it's enough. Of course, we'll have to pick up the slack which will bring some new challenges. I'm a little anxious mostly because I have no idea as to what form those challenges may take -- or how much of an impact they'll have on my personal, social and creative life. Working the hours I do means that most of your information from the bosses comes via email, scuttlebutt or speculation.
It seems like it's getting harder to plan for any kind of future. Your source of income may get yanked out from under you at any moment and in a tight job market, you gotta hustle your ass off just to find something to survive. This is so different from the rah-rah years, when I wondered if I was shooting myself in the foot for not constantly trying to improve my situation by job-hopping like a lot folks I knew did.
Anyway, morale still seems good. I have to say they handled the situation a lot better than Getty did -- no one was escorted out of the building or treated like potential criminals. I'm not as close to these people as I was at my previous job, so I don't feel it's something I can discuss with anyone. At least there was no noticable tension when I came in last night.
It's gonna be a lot quieter in two weeks...

In other news, Fey Ray has a gig tomorrow night at The Hideaway (formally The SitNSpin). Stu and I went there a couple of weeks ago to see those "Zombie Boomtown Hipsters" Black Nite Crash and it's a hoppin little joint! I'm hoping we get a decent turnout for this gig 'cause it's sponsored by the Three Imaginary Girls. We'll be playing with Anna Banana's new band, Slo Mo Rabbit Kick and Chicago's muscular math-rockers ::tintin:: . All of us in my are finally (knock on wood) healthy and we really want to blast this one into orbit! So if you wanna see a great rock show -- come on down!!
Details and links to the other bands at Fey Ray dot com.

Oh yeah! I guess tomorrow's edition of The Stranger will have Kathleen Wilson's interview with Matt!

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