Saint Mark 2

Wow. The show last night was ossem!
Stu, Neil, Louise, Miriam, Frito, Seth, Daphne and I were all in the house!
Opening the show was David Bazan of Pedro the Lion. He played with a drummer and prerecorded bass parts. It was pretty much a PTL gig, Bazan played cuts off of all the Pedro albums and a couple of new tunes. As usual, he stopped to answer questions from the crowd. He said there would be a new album out in late May and in his modest, self-deprecating way, he gave a small speech about how, in this election year that it was imporatant that we vote. He called Bush "a revolutionary - but not the one I was hoping for", adding that even though he thought the administration was evil, he almost wanted Bush to win again, "just to see what was possible." While I agree that it's indeed fascinating, I think the price is a bit too high to find out!
Bazan then played a pretty pointed song called "Backwoods Nation."
American Music Club came on shortly after that. I was working on my second oilcan of Foster's lager and feeling awright. They opened with "Johnny Mathis' Feet", which was the first song I'd ever heard by them...ten years ago! Mark looked great and was a full-on frontman. He kept the between antics to a minimum and debuted several new songs, "Job to Do," "Team USA," "Home", "Brothers in Arms", "You Can Be Anyone", "Crowd", "Patriot's Heart" and the jazzy "Ladies and Gentlemen it's Time" (which you can grab here.) AMC played for about an hour and a half, with two encores. Afterwards, they came out and chatted with fans. After swiping a poster, Stu, Scott and I went down to the Lava Lounge, where we ran into Sensi Pete and his friend Patty. We closed the joint and then headed for home.

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