Thursday's show was probably our best yet! We had a decent crowd, our playing was spot on and ::tintin:: kicked my ass! I got to meet the Imaginary Girls (Dood, Char is so fuckin' hot!) and Maggie (who is visiting from Noo Yawk) dropped in.
I took the night off, so I got to sleep in nice and late Friday morning. The weather has been absolutely beautiful for the last week, so I was dying to get out and go for a nice ride on my bike...but I kept goofing off and the next thing I knew, it was time to meet Stu and his coworkers down at the Islander Bar & Grill. So I headed downtown.
I wandered around for awhile until Rennie reconized me and waved me over. Stu wasn't there yet, he'd been waylaid by a consultant late in the afternoon.
He showed up about a half-hour later. We ordered beers and appetizers and I pretty much sat back and observed (and perused the Weekly). Around 8, a bunch of us met at the Six Arms on Capitol Hill for dinner. I got here ahead of the rest and met Neil, who was bummin' 'cause someone had gotten into his garage and stolen his comic book collection and a Nintendo 64. Scott, Cindy, Anika, Stu and his coworkers, Christine & Rachel, Rachel's boyfriend and another fella soon joined us and we got to eatin'. From there, the plan was to go to the Twilight Exit to meet up with Rockstar Trish. We left Rachel, her BF and friend at the bar and convoyed over the hill. The joint was full of hipsters, but we managed to find seats for all of us. I spent most of the evening chatting up Christine (grrr!). Trish showed up and bought me beer!
We closed the Twilight Exit and went over to Trish's house where we all talked and listened to records late into the night. Neil was too wasted to drive and passed out in the living room. Trish and I stayed up talking about music and her experiences with her current band until 6AM. She set me up on her other couch and then turned in herself. I woke up around 10AM but didn't get up until 12. Trish was still sleeping so I let myself out and went home. It was another beautiful day, so I took the long route.
I spent part of the day doing laudry and whatnot. Scott's old car had gotten towed the night before so he and Cindy went to get it out of impound. Cindy brought me a Double Whopper from Burger King on her way home. (You rule!) We watched "While You Were Out" while we ate.
Later on, as I was prepared to head down to The Hideaway to catch Transpacific, I got a call from Stu telling me that they'd been bumped from first slot to fourth. I'd just taken off my coat and settled back on the couch when Stu called again, telling me they'd been moved the third.
Matt and Sean had arranged a "Men's Fellowship Night" over at Sean's place. The plan was burgers, beer & poker. Frito was already there, so I decided to kill some time over there. I hung out through a few hands of Texas Hold 'em, then went to the club. As I walked in, Stu told me Transpacific was now going on second, that is within a few minutes. I walked into music room and caught the last song by The Lawn. Neil and his sister Sky were there so I talked to them while Transpacific set up. Anika and Arthur showed up too.
Transpacfic played a really tight intense show. Rob was so into it, that his glasses flew off.
Afterwards, I asked Arthur about the SushiRobo tour. I watched part of Asahi's set then went into the bar and chilled with the band. We stayed until close, then I rode home.
At practice Sean told us he was going to have to go out of town over the weekend, so he wouldn't be able to do the Davie Bowie tribute. I think we're going to call some folks, but if we don't get an answer by tonight, we're cancelling the gig.


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