Weekend Update

I went to see Tess on Friday. At one point we were joined by Matt, Jason and Aaron. Tess tells us that she and her Jamie want to learn how to shotgun beers after hearing about the fellas doing it last weekend at Men's Fellowship Night. (How Tess got through four years at Boston College without shotgunning is a mystery.)
Aaron decides to give his wife some advice:

Aaron: It's really simple. Like giving head! You just open your throat.
Matt, Jason and Me: Uh. Whoa! I don't wanna judge ya there, but how do you know that?!
Tess: I don't think so. There's a whole lot more fluid coming out of a beer! There's a big difference between cans and dicks!
Me: I am SO blogging this.

[Note: We received a correction from Tess: "Blog correction sweetheart, though I can stand by my fluid theory of cans and cocks, it is not I who has never shot-gunned beers, it is the lovely and innocent Jaime who wanted me to teach her...so there.


thanks for the giggle."

We stand corrected. - Ed. 04/22/04]

Later on, I headed out to Ballard to The Sunset Tavern to see Manta Ray, The Swords Project and Dolour. Manta Ray was on first and I thought they were pretty much like most of the post-rock bands I've heard, though a bit groove-oriented. Stu, Anika and Neil were there as was the Westsiide Posse: Jason W., Jason R., Carey, Glenn, Patty and Kim. I introduced everybody to Anika and she and Jason got into a big discussion about hair. (*sigh* Girls will be girls!) The Westsiders had come over to catch "Kill Bill 2" at the Cinerama and didn't stay long after Manta Ray's set (understandable, they had to drive back to Bremerton and Pt. Orchard).
Neil, Stu, Anika and I stayed through Dolour's set, chilling in a booth in back. Then after a couple Swords Project songs, we left Neil at the bar and headed home.

I went over to Stu's on Sunday afternoon. We went out for Mexican food, stopped in at Sonic Boom Records (I finally bought Franz Ferdinand debut, Camera Obscura latest, Echo & The Bunnymen's "Songs' to Learn and Sing" and TV on the Radio's full-length). Then we went to practice for the Bowie Tribute night.
Stu played tamborine and cowbell and James filled in on vocals and keyboards. I was a little concerned before Saturday, but after practicing by myself all week and James, Matt and Seth getting the vocals worked out, I was pretty happy. After practice, I hung out at Stu's for a bit then went home to change clothes.

My coworkers Molly, Travis, Renee & Jean (and Jean's husband) showed up and Tess, Neil, Scott, Louise, Ji-Huyn, Cindy, Tim, Anika, James' wife Carmel, Suze & Jamie were also on hand for moral support. We were on fourth and we really gave it our best shot! Seth told me he thought I'd nailed "Sound & Vision", Joel from Black Nite Crash told me that we did "Look Back in Anger" justice (good to hear, especially since BNC wanted to do that song) and "Starman" came out OK. The guys in Pleasurecraft were really complimentary, which was mutual 'cause I really liked their super new wave versions of "China Girl" and "Modern Love". BNC did a really cool version of "Subterranians" and Ripley's "Ashes to Ashes" was interesting 'cause they'd managed to make it into a rock song.
All in all, the evening seemed much to short but after being up for 30 hours the Thursday and Friday before I was pretty beat.
I got up around one and met Stu at the Henry Art Gallery in the U-District. We spent a couple of hours wandering around, but the Trisha Brown, Ellen Gallagher, Roy McMakin and James Turrell pieces all left me cold. I don't really dig "Conceptual" art that much, I prefer things that resonate with me on an emotional or psychological level. So we whipped through the gallery pretty quickly.

I had every intention of doing some motorcycle maintenence when I got home, but it started raining so I went inside. Cindy, Scott and I ordered Chinese food and watched The Simpsons. Scott wanted to see "Johnny English" but my tolerance for silly had been maxed out, so he went upstairs to watch it on his computer while Cindy and I watched "G.I. Jane" and gripping and compelling film starring Demi Moore...

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