Friday was clear and sunny, though the air was cool. A bit of a surprise at around 65 degrees. Yr smart mossback knows not to look a gift horse in the mouth, nor consider a marvy day a given so hell, let's break out the shorts, flip, flops and git while the gittins good. Git me?
I got. I went out fired up the bike and headed out to Alki. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, traffic wasn't bad and I grinned like an idiot (moreso than usual) the whole way. While cruising along the beach I ran into a my old friend and bandmate Tony. We chatted briefly and then I was on my way agian. Everyone was smiling and happy, the Olympics shone in all their majesty and there were cute girls everywhere!
I got back to the house about an hour later and killed some time reading and goofing off. My friend Dante, one of the survivors of the 2001 layoffs at Getty decided to become a househusband and take care he and his wife's young son. There was a going away party for him at The Ballroom in Fremont, so I rode out there and hung out with J.R., Robert, Patty, Renee, Jennifer, Richelle, Matt and few other folks I used work with. We drank some beers and shot the shit while watching the others play pool.
My cousin David turned 37 the night before and he and his friends were having a party for him. David and I used to be really close when we were younger but my folks, especially my father used to constantly compare the two of us (and sometimes my other cousin close to my age, Kenny) as a means of motivating me to be "better". This started a mild rivalry between the two us, which turned into a full-blown schism around 5th or 6th grade. David was always one of the funny, street-savvy and fashionable cool kids whereas I preferred to be an outsider who wore his nerdiness as a badge of pride. This continued until after I got back from Georgia and he and I did our senior year of high school together. We didn't hang out much even then as we had our own group of friends, but by that time I was a bit more conventional.
After high school we didn't see much of each other. I'd run into him here and again but then I thought about how tight we were back in the day and I resented the hell out of my folks for driving a wedge between us - we were like brothers then.
I figure I don't really give a fuck what anybody thinks now. So, why not make an effort?
So I've been doing that, inviting him to parties and such and trying to maintain contact. I invited David to my birthday party last year and he showed up, so I figured I'd do the same.
I headed downtown to a cozy little bar in the Pike Place Market. I didn't really know anyone but him but his friends were pretty nice. David was holding court and was, as the old folks say "high". He introduced me as his "little" cousin. Funny -- I'm at least 4 inches taller and about 100 pounds heavier, but whatever...
I had a couple of beers and chilled, trying to keep up with all the conversations going on around me. At one point in the evening, one of David's friends got up and asked "20 Questions About David" - I was surprised to find out his favorite drink is Wild Turkey (shudder) and his favorite actor is Al Pacino.
Another fellow in the bar was celebrating his birthday and when everyone in the bar sang "Happy Birthday", David insisted we show our love by singing it to him as well. The other birthday boy sent over some cake, which I thought was pretty classy. I had a couple of puffs off of one of the cigars being passed around and just took everything in. Around 11 or so, David posse decided to head up to the Paragon in Queen Anne Hill, but I begged off. I didn't want to hang out in joint full of frat boys, so I headed home. D gave me a hug and told me to ride safe.
On Saturday, I rolled out of the rack to find another glorious spring day! Frito and I went down to the new Krispy Kreme store in SODO (South Of DOwntown) and bought a couple dozen donuts (our new weekend semi-tradition). He and Cindy were planning to go to LaConner, a cute town up north a ways. I watched part of the DC United/Earthquakes game, hoping to see Freddy Adu play, but around halftime I decided it was too fuckin' nice to be inside. So I ArmorAll-ed the bike then went over to Stu's.
He and I went to a couple of record stores (Stu's on a Todd Rundgren kick right now) and he wanted to get some sleeves for some CD comps he'd made. We also stopped for Chinese food, watching all the pretty girls walking by the huge window at the restaurant.
The plan for the evening was for Patty, Neil and Stu's friend Alyson to join us, then go down to The Catwalk for a burlesque show. A night billed as "The Hubba Hubba Club." Most of the performers were the same ones we'd caught at The Pink Door in February. So I was kinda psyched to it. Indeed, most of the ladies I'd seen perform before, and everyone was really good but I can't say who enjoyed it more, us (mostly) het boys or the lesbians in the crowd!

You ask "Why Burlesque?" Two reasons. 1 - It's one of the few events that I can get my Westsiiiiiide friends to come over for. 2 - BOOBIES!! (duh!)

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