It's Memorial Day weekend, long considered the beginning of summer in many parts of the country. Here in the PNW, summer doesn't really start until July -- sometimes mid-July...or August. However, I can't really complain, this spring has been glorious, we even had a few days in the 80's. It's soggy and cool out now, but El Stu, Frito, Cindy and I are going to pack of the cars and head to a cabin for a little "camping". I hope the weather improves, otherwise, I'm gonna spend the whole time indoors, drinking beer and reading all the bound volumes of The Sandman, borrowed from my co-worker, Pam.
Of course, the only real varible in the weekend is whether I'm inside or out...the beer and Sandman are the constants.

I got a gmail account...and of course, Frito is unimpressed. He keeps giving me shit about it...but so what? Right now, I got something people would pay to have, and that doesn't happen very often! I really like Gmail, it's fast, has more features ans space than I'll ever use and I can't fuggin' wait to kill the hotmail account I've had for close to seven(!) years. I hear the Google folks are occasionally opening up invitations, so if you want one (and I know who y'all are), I promise to send one your way.

Fey Ray has lucked into a bunch of gigs. One of them, I think will Make A Difference...not like get us signed with a major difference, but at least provide us an opportunity to get heard by people we really want to hear us. I'm psyched and I know the fellas are too. Fey Ray will shoot it's first video in a couple of weeks, I'm pretty excited and even though the summer is not yet under full steam, things are happening quickly! I've got a few personal things in the works as well. hopefully they pan out! I'll be updating the web page when I return.

BTW-If you're looking for some good music, I say go here, here and here.





Jeezus. The more I think about it, the madder I get. "Inspired by" indeed. Maybe like the way an episode of "Dallas" is inspired by King Lear! I was ready for some plot changes, but not the wholesale murder of the story! There are so many dumb things in this movie, that it would take two hours to write 'em all down! Avoid if you love The Illiad.




I've been slackin'. Truth be told, not much is going on around here, I mean - not much that I feel like writing about. But the 17-23 of you who check in regularly deserve something...so here goes.
I think I mentioned that Fey Ray played a gig on Thursday. We were on second after Juhu Beach, a band I hadn't heard of before. Kristina and her best friend showed up, so I didn't get to catch much of their set. Also, I felt weak and worn out from earlier in the week, so I hung out with the ladies until it was our turn.
I didn't have much confidence in the show, truth be told. We'd only had one practice since our last gig. Seth had been ill too and we'd decided to forgo a set list in order to keep things spontaneous. And we were on second, which meant no sound check. I thought I was having some sort of relapse as I set my gear, but the minute we started playing, all anxiety, pain, tiredness and b.s. fell away and we kicked out the fuckin' jams!
I didn't get to see The Isidore Chamber, as I had to run off to work, but I did listen to a couple of songs on their site and they have a really cool, gothy, dark sound.
On Friday morning, I got off work and came home. My mother came over and we went to lunch. Without getting too specific, I think we had an illuminating conversation. I know she doesn't understand me sometimes and sometimes I deliberately make myself hard to understand, but our communication is getting better. We went to Claim Jumper 'cause I'd never been and there's something perverse about chain joints that I enjoy. Plus, I knew I'd never get her to go or enjoy anything like Dim Sum, especially if someone offered her chicken's feet!
I had a big ass burger, which I actually managed to eat. Then I followed it up with a huge chocolate brownie, which I only managed to trim down enough to fit into a box to bring home! Whuff...
I wound up staying in Friday night, despite a call from Tabitha, I just wanted to sleep and there was some stuff I wanted to do in the morning, so I read for awhile (first Gaiman's The Sandman 'The Doll House' then a few chapters of Quintus of Smyrna's "What Homer Didn't Tell").
On Saturday, I phoned El Stu and asked him if he'd take me down to Sears to get a Motorcycle/ATV lift. You see, to do just about anything to your motorcycle (change the oil, oil the chain, etc.) it helps if you can hoist the bike off the ground. I'd been wanting to do some stuff for awhile and now seemed like a good time. Stu picked me up and we when to the old Sears on 1st & Lander.
If you grew up here, the old Sears building probably holds a lot of memories for you. They had an awesome candy counter and upstairs, there was a another counter that sold freshly dipped and fried corn dogs. The whole upstairs smelled like corndogs! My folks bought a lot school clothes for my sister and me in that buidling...and power tools and dishwear and washers and dryers too. Anyway, Since Sears' decline in the 80's and 90's the building is now the headquarters for Starbucks...but I digress.
It was raining lightly when we parked Stu's '55 Starchief in front the joint, both of us marvelling at that fact that we hadn't been to the place in years.
There was a bit a runaround, I didn't know which department the thing was in but we found it and hauled it out the door. After dropping it off at my place, we drove out to Ballard and hit a couple of record stores, got some food and then he dropped me back at home.
SIFF (The Seattle International Film Festival) started last week and Stu had gotten tickets for Dig! a documentary about the love/hate relationship between Aton Newcombe from The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Courtney Taylor of The Dandy Warhols. I met Stu and Neil at The Egyptian on Capitol Hill to see it. What an absolutely compelling film! I thought Courtney was cool before the movie, but I think he's even cooler now. It's amazing how one's ego and the desire to not "sell out" for one's art can cause all kinds or rationalizations for stupid behavior. And Anton does act pretty stupid. However, I remain unconvinced of his "genious', though I do admire the man's work ethic.
Anyway, the movie is only showing once at SIFF, but I'm sure you smarts kids will find a way to see it!
And speaking of movies, I've got a date with Anika to see Troy...by all accounts, it's a big, dumb, pretty action flick -- and I'm OK with that!


Dear Matt,

Dear Matt,

Great show last night. We saw 12 faces - and rocked 'em all!

I've been thinking about Chalabi and I have my theory now that I've had time to put the chronology in place.

I think Chab (for short) is (or was) planning a coup-less coup. He had shitloads of money and influence and his fingers in everything from banking to oil. Recently, he was in Iraq powwowing with various bigwigs there. Why? He knew his days with the Bushies were over. According to a couple of sites I've seen, he's been consolidating a power base with various Shia groups. I'm betting the plan was to get new backing from Iran and use the Iraqi shia as footsoldiers in case the very weak CPA went down the tubes...if not remove them himself!

Iran has an established nuclear program and may even have a bomb somewhere, or be close to finishing one. That would definitely hinger the US willingness to attack Iran and since we're already stretched to the limit in Iraq and Afghanistan, there would be no choice but for us to withdraw. Or submit to an even wider wider war. One that Chab knows the US public wouldn't support!

So basically, he gets the US to withdraw from Iraq, unites Iraq and Iran's shia and sits on the world's second largest oil reserve...one that's only going to get more valuable as the Saudi's dry up!

And with that kind of money, oil and power, he could easily influence the entire region!

Saddam's big mistake was in creating a secular state and making so many of his people hate him, he didn't really have the guts or smarts to be anything more than a nuisance. Chab on the other hand, has (or had) access to money and markets Saddam never drreamed of! And with the mullahs in pocket, it would become jihad if they were attacked...shia from everywhere would come to his defense.

The only variable I see in this mess is the timetable...did he foresee things coming apart so quickly? What if he and Sadr are in cahoots? An extra twist!!

It's a fuckin' Bond movie, dude!
But in real life and no orbiting space laser station!!


Ooh! I think we found our exit strategy!

Ooh! I think we found our exit strategy!
Ooh! I think we found our exit strategy!: "The love-fest between American conservatives and their favorite Iraqi exile Ahmad Chalabi has gone sour for the administration. AP reports this morning that U.S. soldiers and Iraqi police have surrounded Chalabi's residence in Baghdad to see if he is hiding fellow members of his exile group, the Iraqi National Congress, from police. According to NBC News, an Iraqi judge issued arrest warrants for 16 people affiliated with his group reportedly involved in 'alleged financial misdealings at the end of last year during the conversion from Saddam-era dinars to new Iraqi dinars.' The Miami Herald writes, 'As the Pentagon's favorite Iraqi, he symbolizes the fundamental mistakes of U.S. policy and administration unwillingness to reconsider a wayward course.' Time after time, the White House has inexplicably trusted Chalabi, staking its case for war and how we would be welcomed afterward on his countless lies."


Ugh...he gurgled.

Ugh...he gurgled.

I had a pretty decent weekend. Three days off, an awesome date, BBQ's, music, losta booze and then...I got sick.
I think a Dick's cheeseburger is to blame, but Scott argues (and he loves to argue) that it was actually the sauseges we had over at Seth's on Saturday 'cause Cindy was ill too.
While my chest aches from puking, I for one, am glad we don't skimp on toilet paper around here!
I've mostly recovered, having spent most of yesterday getting over stomach cramps. Now that I'm mostly empty (Cindy made us some homemade chicken soup) I feel all light and bouyant. Sleeping for the better party of three days sure helped also.
Thanks to Tabitha for bringing me flowers and I'm sorry I didn't get to visit with you and Maria and Louise, Ji-Huyn, Suze and Stu when y'all came over on Monday, I was all sweaty, nasty and hurty, but we'll have big fun again soon, OK?




Got an email from Dan The Man:

Tentatively gonna wig n skirt it up for the 6th year saturday June 5th.

Any major event conflicts?

location most likely SODO in the Big Building space, spokane street and


John Whitehead RIP

John Whitehead RIP

John Whitehead RIP

This made me tear up today. I guess I'm either a wuss or just overloaded on fuckedness...




I was emptying the dishwasher when I noticed the spoons were segregated from the rest of the cutlery. I wonder how they feel about that?
I mean, they could be preparing to take Scott, Cindy and me to court on discrimination charges. But it's not like we have anything against spoons y'know. It's not like the three of conspired together and said, "Dude. Spoons are like, fucked, y'know?! Let's put 'em over there!"
Heck, for all I know the Spoons could be enjoying their separation - saying stuff like: "Honey, I ain't even tryin' to get with no knife, ya hear me? And them pointy-ass forks? Them some cra-zy bitches, ya heard?"

Or maybe not.

Anyway, yesterday was long and busy. After work I met up with Patty for breakfast in Fremont. We had a nice chat. Her housewarming party is Saturday, but I got a couple of other places to be, so I'm not sure I'll make it. We'll see though.

After I left her I came home and IM'd Laura and she invited me to dinner. I futzed around with the Fey Ray website and obsessed over some new airless tires for my scoot, getting to bed around 1PM.
I got up at 6 and showered and wend to meet Laura in the International District (Chinatown). We went to the Bush Garden and ordered edamame, fried tofu, calamari, Udon, Tonkatsu, spicy tuna rolls and Gyoza. I rolled into work an hour early and just about fell asleep at my desk around 4AM.

I'm nodding off here at the computer. It's probably the Melatonin I took...



Fuggin' Cool!

Fuggin' Cool!

Blogger has been updated!! Now I can blog from email and all kindsa cool shit! Commenting is native! (I'm not about to mess with that yet.)


Keeping up with the latest mess is leaving me tired and depressed. This is not America, right? I mean...
ah, fuck it.

Anika is having a little soiree at her place to celebrate her willing entry into the world of "unemployment". It was a path chosen carefully and cautiously and one that will hopefully pay off when she drops a novel on us. I can't wait to see what worlds spin in that lovely mind of hers!
I think there's some event at The Pretty Parlor tonight -- oh, here it is:


(Seattle WA) – Greenwood gets a glamorous makeover on Friday, May 7th, when the Pretty Parlor presents a luscious line-up of local fashion designers, artists, and live musical interludes. Housed at Pretty Parlor headquarters (6729 Greenwood Ave. N.), this all-ages, FREE event salutes avant-garde get-ups and the art of indie spirit. “Seattle’s local designers represent the cutting edge of today’s fashion,” says Pretty Parlor owner Anna Lange. “We’re showcasing a tantalizing tsunami of talent.” The Artwalk’s featured artist is Tamara Evans, whose bold yet quirky, girlish portraits are inspired by vintage glamour.

Music and fashion show schedule is as follows:

7:00pm: Nana Bão and Her Bossa Boys
A semi-serious, semi-delirious, wholly delicious tribute to 1960s Brazilian groove.

8:00pm: Lady Krishna’s Peppermint Lounge
Steve Buscemi has compared these velvety underground stylings to “Marlene Dietrich on acid.”

9:00pm: Local Designer Fashion Show with DJ Superjew
Including Agent-X, Pin-Go-In, Zuzupop, Schwa Designs, Miss Lauren G and more.

10:00pm: Tap Explosion
Shirley Temple channels Ziggy Stardust in this experimental dance duo.

Specializing in vintage finds and distinctive style, the Pretty Parlor has supported
local fashion designers, jewelry makers, artists and artisans since 2001.

* * *
Pretty Parlor
6729 Greenwood Ave. N.
(206) 789-8788
OPEN Noon-6pm Tues-Sunday

* * *

I wasn't planning on going, but now that I see DJ Superjew will be in the house, I may go after all. That girl is FOINE!

Also, the latest Blue Disguise Records release, a tribute to the Young Fresh Fellows is popping at The Crocodile Cafe tonight!

I could be very busy this evening...


Dag...I'm tired.

I got home on Friday and it was so nice out, I decided to hit the road. I got on my bike and took the scenic route north through the Abouretum and up to Green Lake, where I had breakfast at the Blue Star. I'd taken the tank badges off the day before and washed the bike and I felt awake enough to really enjoy the sun and air.
After I got home, Stu, Neil and I started emailing each other trying to figure out what we were going to do that night. We'd been invited to a huge private party at the Catwalk, but I simply didn't have the juice to be social. So I rode over to Stu's after a short nap and we met Neil at Barca, had a few drinks and then hung out at the Twilight Exit. I got home around 1AM and conked out.
I spent part of Saturday working on my old "Frankenstein" bass. The foam under the pickups was crappy, so I replaced that and put on the tuners and bolt-on neck that was part of the kit I traded an amp for a couple of weeks ago. Now all I have to do is shape the headstock then string, tune and intonate the thing, then I'm ready to rock and roll!
Tess and Aaron were having a BBQ so went over there for a couple of hours. After shootin' the shit and watching most of a croquet game, I rode to West Seattle and took the ferry from Fontleroy to Southworth. The Westsiiide Posse was doing a little Beltane celebration. It was a beautiful day and great for riding. The Jason and Liz live about 10-15 minutes away from the boat and the party was well under way by the time I got there. All the girls wore dresses and had ribbons in their hair.
There was sangria, wine, beer and booze, devilled eggs, duck, pork roast, dips, veggies...etc. Almost all the fellas played guitar, so we spent part of the evening trying to figure out songs we could do. We kept playing "Where is My Mind?" over and over, though Jason did a nice version of Martin Sexton's "Glory Bound". The actual ceremony was pretty simple, Patty and Margaret set up a "circle" around the entire yard, then lit the Beltane fire. Candles were lit from the fire and then they burned sage and hugged and kissed all of us. Then we took turns taking up powdered incense or lavendar, wishing for some sort of fecundity, then throwing it into the fire. Later on, we all piled up under blankets on the lawn to keep each other warm and talked and drank and cracked each other up. It was a beautiful night, with clouds blowing in from the west, temporarily obscuring the bright gibbous moon. Around 1, Patty and Margaret closed the circle and we went inside to crash. In the morning, Liz made us coffee and Scotch eggs.
Around noon I headed home...