Dag...I'm tired.

I got home on Friday and it was so nice out, I decided to hit the road. I got on my bike and took the scenic route north through the Abouretum and up to Green Lake, where I had breakfast at the Blue Star. I'd taken the tank badges off the day before and washed the bike and I felt awake enough to really enjoy the sun and air.
After I got home, Stu, Neil and I started emailing each other trying to figure out what we were going to do that night. We'd been invited to a huge private party at the Catwalk, but I simply didn't have the juice to be social. So I rode over to Stu's after a short nap and we met Neil at Barca, had a few drinks and then hung out at the Twilight Exit. I got home around 1AM and conked out.
I spent part of Saturday working on my old "Frankenstein" bass. The foam under the pickups was crappy, so I replaced that and put on the tuners and bolt-on neck that was part of the kit I traded an amp for a couple of weeks ago. Now all I have to do is shape the headstock then string, tune and intonate the thing, then I'm ready to rock and roll!
Tess and Aaron were having a BBQ so went over there for a couple of hours. After shootin' the shit and watching most of a croquet game, I rode to West Seattle and took the ferry from Fontleroy to Southworth. The Westsiiide Posse was doing a little Beltane celebration. It was a beautiful day and great for riding. The Jason and Liz live about 10-15 minutes away from the boat and the party was well under way by the time I got there. All the girls wore dresses and had ribbons in their hair.
There was sangria, wine, beer and booze, devilled eggs, duck, pork roast, dips, veggies...etc. Almost all the fellas played guitar, so we spent part of the evening trying to figure out songs we could do. We kept playing "Where is My Mind?" over and over, though Jason did a nice version of Martin Sexton's "Glory Bound". The actual ceremony was pretty simple, Patty and Margaret set up a "circle" around the entire yard, then lit the Beltane fire. Candles were lit from the fire and then they burned sage and hugged and kissed all of us. Then we took turns taking up powdered incense or lavendar, wishing for some sort of fecundity, then throwing it into the fire. Later on, we all piled up under blankets on the lawn to keep each other warm and talked and drank and cracked each other up. It was a beautiful night, with clouds blowing in from the west, temporarily obscuring the bright gibbous moon. Around 1, Patty and Margaret closed the circle and we went inside to crash. In the morning, Liz made us coffee and Scotch eggs.
Around noon I headed home...

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