It's Memorial Day weekend, long considered the beginning of summer in many parts of the country. Here in the PNW, summer doesn't really start until July -- sometimes mid-July...or August. However, I can't really complain, this spring has been glorious, we even had a few days in the 80's. It's soggy and cool out now, but El Stu, Frito, Cindy and I are going to pack of the cars and head to a cabin for a little "camping". I hope the weather improves, otherwise, I'm gonna spend the whole time indoors, drinking beer and reading all the bound volumes of The Sandman, borrowed from my co-worker, Pam.
Of course, the only real varible in the weekend is whether I'm inside or out...the beer and Sandman are the constants.

I got a gmail account...and of course, Frito is unimpressed. He keeps giving me shit about it...but so what? Right now, I got something people would pay to have, and that doesn't happen very often! I really like Gmail, it's fast, has more features ans space than I'll ever use and I can't fuggin' wait to kill the hotmail account I've had for close to seven(!) years. I hear the Google folks are occasionally opening up invitations, so if you want one (and I know who y'all are), I promise to send one your way.

Fey Ray has lucked into a bunch of gigs. One of them, I think will Make A Difference...not like get us signed with a major difference, but at least provide us an opportunity to get heard by people we really want to hear us. I'm psyched and I know the fellas are too. Fey Ray will shoot it's first video in a couple of weeks, I'm pretty excited and even though the summer is not yet under full steam, things are happening quickly! I've got a few personal things in the works as well. hopefully they pan out! I'll be updating the web page when I return.

BTW-If you're looking for some good music, I say go here, here and here.


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Anonymous said...

Frito here.

gmail - yawn. You should sell the gmail account. make a little cash.