I've been slackin'. Truth be told, not much is going on around here, I mean - not much that I feel like writing about. But the 17-23 of you who check in regularly deserve something...so here goes.
I think I mentioned that Fey Ray played a gig on Thursday. We were on second after Juhu Beach, a band I hadn't heard of before. Kristina and her best friend showed up, so I didn't get to catch much of their set. Also, I felt weak and worn out from earlier in the week, so I hung out with the ladies until it was our turn.
I didn't have much confidence in the show, truth be told. We'd only had one practice since our last gig. Seth had been ill too and we'd decided to forgo a set list in order to keep things spontaneous. And we were on second, which meant no sound check. I thought I was having some sort of relapse as I set my gear, but the minute we started playing, all anxiety, pain, tiredness and b.s. fell away and we kicked out the fuckin' jams!
I didn't get to see The Isidore Chamber, as I had to run off to work, but I did listen to a couple of songs on their site and they have a really cool, gothy, dark sound.
On Friday morning, I got off work and came home. My mother came over and we went to lunch. Without getting too specific, I think we had an illuminating conversation. I know she doesn't understand me sometimes and sometimes I deliberately make myself hard to understand, but our communication is getting better. We went to Claim Jumper 'cause I'd never been and there's something perverse about chain joints that I enjoy. Plus, I knew I'd never get her to go or enjoy anything like Dim Sum, especially if someone offered her chicken's feet!
I had a big ass burger, which I actually managed to eat. Then I followed it up with a huge chocolate brownie, which I only managed to trim down enough to fit into a box to bring home! Whuff...
I wound up staying in Friday night, despite a call from Tabitha, I just wanted to sleep and there was some stuff I wanted to do in the morning, so I read for awhile (first Gaiman's The Sandman 'The Doll House' then a few chapters of Quintus of Smyrna's "What Homer Didn't Tell").
On Saturday, I phoned El Stu and asked him if he'd take me down to Sears to get a Motorcycle/ATV lift. You see, to do just about anything to your motorcycle (change the oil, oil the chain, etc.) it helps if you can hoist the bike off the ground. I'd been wanting to do some stuff for awhile and now seemed like a good time. Stu picked me up and we when to the old Sears on 1st & Lander.
If you grew up here, the old Sears building probably holds a lot of memories for you. They had an awesome candy counter and upstairs, there was a another counter that sold freshly dipped and fried corn dogs. The whole upstairs smelled like corndogs! My folks bought a lot school clothes for my sister and me in that buidling...and power tools and dishwear and washers and dryers too. Anyway, Since Sears' decline in the 80's and 90's the building is now the headquarters for Starbucks...but I digress.
It was raining lightly when we parked Stu's '55 Starchief in front the joint, both of us marvelling at that fact that we hadn't been to the place in years.
There was a bit a runaround, I didn't know which department the thing was in but we found it and hauled it out the door. After dropping it off at my place, we drove out to Ballard and hit a couple of record stores, got some food and then he dropped me back at home.
SIFF (The Seattle International Film Festival) started last week and Stu had gotten tickets for Dig! a documentary about the love/hate relationship between Aton Newcombe from The Brian Jonestown Massacre and Courtney Taylor of The Dandy Warhols. I met Stu and Neil at The Egyptian on Capitol Hill to see it. What an absolutely compelling film! I thought Courtney was cool before the movie, but I think he's even cooler now. It's amazing how one's ego and the desire to not "sell out" for one's art can cause all kinds or rationalizations for stupid behavior. And Anton does act pretty stupid. However, I remain unconvinced of his "genious', though I do admire the man's work ethic.
Anyway, the movie is only showing once at SIFF, but I'm sure you smarts kids will find a way to see it!
And speaking of movies, I've got a date with Anika to see Troy...by all accounts, it's a big, dumb, pretty action flick -- and I'm OK with that!


fat_girl said...

Have you had good luck when picking SIFF movies? I have never been and am looking for opinions, pointers, etc.

stacius said...

I just usually rely on El Stu or check out the guides in the Stranger or the Weekly. I usually look for sci-fi, weird or disturbed stuff...