So I went out looking for some reflective tape. I figured that since most of my riding is done at night, and that most the stuff I have on is black, that perhaps it would be wise to do something to increase my visibility a bit. So I moseyed into Lowe's and started looking around. I found packing tape, neon-colored construction tape and lots of masking tape for painting, etc. I tracked down a salesman and asked him, but he seemed somewhat befuddled by my request, so I explained that I wanted it for my motorcycle helmet.
"They still won't see you, y'know." He said.
"Yeah, but every little bit helps." I grin.
He then tells me that he used to ride, but he'd traded his bike for a "cage" - with a nice sound system, he added.
Then he leads me to all the places that I'd been to before. Still no tape.
"It's cool," I say. "I'll just go up front and ask Customer Service if they can look it up."
I go up front and some guy is trying to get a defective lawnmower fixed. The cute blond is trying to not throttle the guy as he peppers her with dozens of questions.
I wait...wondering how this would go down in a big city, like New York or Chicago. Would I push my way up to the front and ask my question? Then casually insult the Lawnmower Man if he tries to protest? Thinking about a confrontation like that amuses me as the minutes creep past.
Finally, the woman next to the Customer Service girl is free. I step up. "Hey. I was wondering if y'all stock any reflective tape."
She looks at me as if I asked if I could have sex with her in a really uncomfortable place.
"Ahhhhhhh..." She said.
"Well, couldja look it up?" I'm getting annoyed. Why are the simplest things always so fuckin' hard?!
She snaps out of it and does some quick typing. No reflective tape.
I leave Lowe's muttering under my breath. I hop on my my bike and go down to Schuck's Auto Parts. After several minutes, I locate some reflective tape, but it's red. I wanted white -- Dammit!
My other option right now is Fred Meyer. Except there isn't one close to my house...
I swear: Sometimes I think my middle name should be "Thwarted."

In other news: After a couple short, intense disagreements, GG and I have parted ways. The arguement was so dumb, it's not worth going into here but 4 out of 5 friends have confirmed that I am in the right. The fifth one says I'm just being stubborn.

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Anonymous said...


Reflective tape --> Bike shop (cycle not motor)
You'd probably find a half a dozen different colors and styles.

And sorry to hear about the whack-ass woman BS.
Language will be the death of us all.

-The Prof.