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America Eats Its Young...Again!

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Anonymous said...

Heard about this a few weeks ago -- the interesting thing is anyone can sign up to be on your local Draft Board. (As long as you're over 18 and have never been in the the armed forces or law enforcement, oddly enough.)

Sign up at: https://www4.sss.gov/localboardmembers/bminquiry.aspWe should all try to get on and load the draft boards with hippie-pinko peaceniks who'll let anyone out of service who has enough brains to bother asking. (Cuz this poor, god-fearing republic can't afford to lose the few independent thinking youths out there.)

And the rest of the sheep? They can follow on to slaughter, er... I mean "into patriotic service," if they're that willing to let themselves be led. (A little of the old "natural selection" at work, perchance?)

-Prof Tim