Cool Runnin's...

Cool Runnin's...

It's gonna be hot again today, which is only fitting now that summer is in effect. I've been trying to go to bed earlier so I can get 5-6 hours of sleep in before the sun starts hitting my side of the house, but that leads to some long days for me. I have window fan in now courtesy of the Frito and it helps.

Fey Ray played at ConWorks on Thursday. There was a panel discussion on music and memory in which serveral folks involved in the Seattle music scene (very few of them actual musicians) got up to play a song that evoked a particular memory for them. Imaginary Girl Dana scored some points with Squeeze's "Up the Junction" and photographer Charles Peterson played a bit of the first Clash album and talked about becoming the only punk at his high school in Bothell. One of the guys from The Capillaries did a really moving bit about how Kiss' "Gods of Thunder" reflected the state he was in while his parents were going through a divorce.
Unfortunately, the panel ran overlong and basically everyone but a few friends and the guys in Sageant Major bolted after it was over. And after stewing in my own juices for so long and dreading the long night ahead, my enthusiasm ebbed. We played OK and our cover of The Cars "Just What I Needed" went over well, but I wasn't feeling it.

On Friday, I blew off the MefiNW meetup on Friday only to find out that an old coworker of mine was going to be there! I've been wondering what she was up to all this time and it would've been nice to catch up. Instead, I slept all afternoon and then Scott, Neil Stu and I went to Barca and sat outside enjoying the cool night air, booze and the scantily-clad young ladies going in and out of the bar. The only thing of note was that some guy in a Mercedes wasn't watching where he was going and knocked over this guy's sportbike parked behind him. I thought the guy was gonna drive off, but there were no less than 10 people watching him. Somebody ran over with a digital camera and tooks some shots of the scene. They were trying to lift the bike back up when the owner came running over. He was a bit excited at first, but calmed down pretty quickly.
I head the clutch lever had snapped off in the fall, but somehow he got it together enough to ride the bike home. So I guess he'll be getting a nice check soon.

Frito and I made a run to Dick's a then headed home. I got up at 9 and rode out to Louise's for bagels and mimosas before the Solstice Parade. The neighborhood was already jammed with people at 10. I was the first to arrive, but then several of Louise's friends showed up and we all walked down to the parade route.
I wanted to view it from my traditional spot and I was hoping to find Scott and Cindy so I walked back and forth in front of the Triangle Tavern hoping to catch them, when I ran into Suze. She was strolling down the block, wearing red and black with her iPod on, radiant as some earthly manisfestation of Brighid the Irish Sun Goddess.
We found a nice spot in the shade and enjoyed cool breezes all during the parade. (Perhaps this was Suze's doing - I wouldn't be surprised.) It pretty much like it was every year, 'cept there were more people about due to the good weather and an abundence of naked cyclists.

Afterward, Suze breezed off to the U-district and I plodded back up the hill to see if I could catch anyone. I ran into Louise and Ji-Huyn and they told me Scott was looking for me near the Triangle. I grabbed my coat from Louise's backyard and moved my bike down the hill. Then I found Scott and Cindy waiting the other side of the block from where Suze and I had been. We then decended in the human maelstrom of the fair. It took us forever to decide where to eat and then we settled by the canal. Neil walked over from his place in Ballard and joined us, then we ran into Megan-Poo and her friends. I wanted to get home, so Poo and I made plans to meet for bunch the next day.
I left the group and when back to bike. Just as I was about to pull out, Laura came rolling up. She jumped out, hugged me and invited me to a BBQ.

I rode home via the usual route, enjoying the weather and the sights. Every park along the Lake was full of folks blasting music and hauling coolers full of comestibles down to the grills. I got home and racked out for a couple of hours, then hopped on my bike and rode out to Laura's. She had steaks, huge turkey breasts, tuna steaks and chicken on the grill. In addition there was grilled asperagus with sauteed vidalia onions, squash, eggplant and corn! I was introduced to her neighbor and her friends and we feasted in the rapidly gathering darkness. Around 11, I bailed for home via SR99 and at 50mph, the night air was wonderful!

Megan came by on Sunday morning and we went out for brunch. She's been crazy busy with school and work and we hadn't seen much of each other. So we spent an hour or two catching up. I gave her a new mix CD and she was on her way. Later I went to band practice then work.

Tonight, I was visited by the lovely (and newly blond) Maria. We got takeout Chinese food, then went to Seward Park to eat. She told me of her latest endeavors, managing a band and singing lessons. She wants to start a band, which I think would be quite awesome for her.

Tomorrow, Anika will be coming for tea and Satuday is MEATFEST '04...

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I missed you on Saturday. I just couldnt find the damn house and parking was nuts.
Let me know what you are up to the rest of the week as I am off on vacation.

Maybe meet up on Friday for some drinks?? or meatfest on sat???

Call me sweets.