My Brain Is Empty.

My Brain Is Empty.

Sorry if you tuned in expecting mildly amusing stories, an interesting link or perhaps my unique twist on thangs.
As George Costanza would say, "I got nothin'."
This weekend I pretty much sat my ass, visted GG, read and watched TV.
I did buy some new CD's however! I got Panthers "Let's Get Serious", !!!'s "Louden Up Now", new Pedro the Lion and Sunset Valley, a two-disc collection by The Fall, and the remastered "Northern Sulphuric Soul" by Rea & Christian. Also, I've been downloading free mp3's at work. I really like (and plan to get) Marianas, Aspera per Ardua, This Blue Holiday, The Desert Fathers, John Vanderslice, Franklin, Secret Machines, M83, mum, Piano Magic, Sounds from the Ground, Dub Addxx, Alpha & Omega, Fingertwister & Waldeck. I'd link to all those, but just go to Epitonic and Pitchfork and you should find most of them. I'm looking forward to new releases from GBV, Spoon and American Music Club.
Glamour Girl and I did go out to dinner on Saturday, at one of the 5-6 Thai places in Fremont. You know, the one in the house near Rudy's Barbershop.
The waitress came up and told GG that she looked really pretty.
"That's odd," I says. "You always get lots of compliments on how attractive you are! I asked Anna Banana what she thought of your rendition of "Please, Please" at the Wig N Skirt and she was all like, "THAT'S YOUR GIRLFRIEND?!! SHE'S HOT!!" and Holly thought you were hot stuff too!"
GG just laughed, "But that all comes from women!"
I'm like, "So it doesn't count?" Chad and I used to say our co-worker Dante was a sexy man, but he didn't have strangers walking up to him.
So all weekend, I'd look at her and shout, "Hot!" and she'd roll her big hazel/Gray eyes at me.
On Sunday, Anika, Stu, Scott, Cindy and I met up at a park in the North End for some croquet. Anika really went all out, she brought a Thermos of tea and cucumber sandwiches ad she had on a skirt, sweater and Mary Jane's, which managed to make her look demure and very sexy all at the same time. I was joking that we should all wear white from now on...but then maybe not. I look fat(ter) in white, I think.
Anyway, Stu went on a tear and won all three games. I had to get home for some sleep before work, so I kinda threw my last game.
And that's about it...
On Thursday my band is playing at ConWorks, Friday is Tabitha's graduation from Hoortycultcha school (Congrats, bitch!) and a Metafilter Meetup. Saturday is the Solstice Parade and Fremont Fair in Fremont. Lisa Shaw and Miguel Migs are at the Showbox too!


fat_girl said...

Dante is a very sexy man (don't tell kim, lol). Your new lovely is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Let me know whats up for Saturday.
I am free that day and it would be great to see you and check out the solstice fun!
Oh - I can pick you up too if you dont want to bike it :)