The weekend passed in a blink of an eye...

On Friday I came home, geared up and rode out to George Dean's Seattle Cycle Service in Mountlake Terrace for my 7K tune up. I was going to have Cindy follow me I case I had to leave the bike, but I didn't have the heart to make her get up, so I told her I'd call if I needed a lift.
Sure enough, she had to drive up and get me. We hung out a bit before coming home and then she went on a gardening tear while I crashed.
I woke up after Frito got home, we puttered around and watch TV, then went over the Sean's for Gentlemen's Poker night. Aaron, Jason, Frito, Sean, Tim, Matt and a couple of his pals all played while I watched and read. I used to be good at video poker, but somehow I lost interest. However, it was fun watching, drinkin' and trash talkin' with the rest of 'em. The game went on forever - I think they started at 9 and it ended some time around 2AM with Sean winding up the big winner.
Saturday was Meatfest 2004. Frito and I went to the liquor store and bought some booze, then he took me up to the shop to get my bike. She sounded so freakin' good when I started her up - the valve chatter was (mostly) gone and she purred like a kitten. I made a stop at the Army Surplus store to get a new flight jacket then returned home. Scott had to wait for Cindy to get ready, so I bailed and rode over to Jay's.
The grills were already rockin' when I got there. I walked into the kitchen where Jay was whipping up some sort of dish and said my hellos, then went outside and greeted the rest of the gang.
There was a pretty good turnout this year, I saw some folks I hadn't seen in awhile and dined on ribs, brisket, lamb, devilled eggs (stuffed with either chorizo or crab meat) cake and a couple different types of salad. I didn't get to the suckling pig, salmon or oysters or even Oani's Caramel Apple Pie...but I ain't complaining. I hung out with Jae Jin and Renee, we traded gossip, drank some beers and smoked some cigs. It was a beautiful day, but food, booze and the heat has a way of taking it out of you.
Scott and Cindy left before I did, 'cause they wanted to get a nap in before going to see Sanford Arms at The Sunset Tavern. I stayed until 9, then rode out there.
Scott told me SA was on first, but that wasn't the case. I didn't know if I'd make it through all three bands. Tracker, a group from Portland started the set off. I wanted to like them, 'cause I thought they had a really good sound, but they kept losing points by obscuring their (rather good) vaguely countryish and plaintive songs with gimmicks like tape loops, xylophones & weird keyboard breaks. I got the impression that these guys hadn't been together very long and on checking out their site, I found I was (somewhat) correct. Anyway, I'll be downloading some mp3's from the site, mabye it comes off better recorded-like.
Anyway, Mala Vista came on next...and killed me with a narco version of "Mad World", then he singer said they were gonna "Take it down a notch." And he wasn't kiddin'! So I bailed.
The ride home, with all the streets to myself and a lovely half moon was ossem.

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