ee. otenki desu ne!!

ee. otenki desu ne!!
The week has flown by! The sun is shining and my thoughts are all about -- going to bed. Actually, it should be a busy night. I'm meeting El Stu for Bowl Against Bush event, then we're going to try and catch AC Lewis (AKA Aaron) at Chop Suey. Then I've got a small project I wanna bust out.
Tomorrow night my band will be participating in the U2 cover night at the Crocodile Cafe with a buncha other bands. We're playing "Rejoice", "Running to Stand Still" and my pick, "Until the End of the World." We sound pretty good right now and we have an additional practice set up before the show. Good thing U2 rarely uses more than 5 chords in a song!
I'd like to give a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Neil, who didn't want anyone to make a fuss this year, so guess what? We didn't! Still, plan to give him a noogie and a pack of bubblegum when we next meet. That's about it for now,

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