Good Grief!!

Good Grief!!

This last week has been a doozy. Had to learn and perform "Paradise City" for No Vote Left Behind (and too bad you guys missed it - I hit every bass players rock pose in the book, Sean climbed up on the amplifier and kicked the cymbals, Matt was down on his knees like he was gonna sacrifice something he really loved and Seth beat the skins like they owed him money!), had an important appointment, saw Scissor Sisters, Bowled against Bush and got my computer running.
Tomorrow, it's the Pirates vs. Ninjas Party at Oani's, Chelsea vs. Celtic at Seahawks Stadium and possibly the Space Virgins big bash at the Catwalk.
I wish I could hit up the Ballard Seafood Fest and the Capitol Hill Block Party, but maybe you can go and then tell me about it....GO!!

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fat_girl said...

AWWWW! I missed your best show EVER!