Hassled by The Man

Hassled by The Man

I have been trying to not let the news get to me. I've been cranking sunny power pop, engaging in the things that make me happy and trying not to let the "current silliness" blow my zen-like cool.

But then I had to go and read this (via Metafilter). Already I can hear the protestations of those who think the rights we have as citizens are simply a matter of convience making excuses - but this is complete and utter bullshit. Ian was racially profiled. The fact that the whole thing happened my hometown just makes it even more personal...

I'm gonna go listen to The Waking Hours until my blood pressure goes down. Then I'll look into what can be done about this.

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Anonymous said...

And from this weeks PARTY VOLCANO listings:

Sunday, 7/18
Dress like a Terrorist @ the Locks

David writes:

I saw this (see link below) in the paper & thought we could try to create a subtle protest event. We could call it "Dress like a Terrorist & go take pictures at the Locks Day".

If you put this link on PV & the idea of everybody, especially our friends & PV subscribers who have a "browner" look. The rest of us could just try to look conspicuous. Maybe it's Sunday from noon to 5:pm? I think that it would be good if people showed up sporadically & took pictures throughout the day.

Who's in?

David K



See you there!