Fay Wray has died and Other Stuff

Fay Wray has died and Other Stuff

It was a weekend of BBQ's, White Trash parties, boat races, insane traffic and beer. I got to see my friend Heidi, watch Hellboy and generally escape the chaos, and now it's back to the grind.
OTOH, it's a short week for me cuz I turn 37 on Friday and took the day off!

Several of you wrote and told me that Fay Wray has died. Actually, I was surprised she was still alive! Way back in '94, when Matt, Stu, Andy and I got together to jam for the first time, Matt showed us a composition of his called "Fay Wray." So when we were thinking about a band name for our latest version, a little spelling change fit nicely.
I've been lobbying to get the song reinstated (perhaps with new lyrics) so mabye I'll finally succeed!

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M. Duss said...

Maybe you will!