A Fistful of Asides...

A Fistful of Asides...

The old-ometer has turned. As of yesterday 1:15PM PST, yours truly turned 37. I had a lovely day - slept in, read a bit (Kushiel's Dart - Carey's always handing me smut!) visited my mother and an aunt (up from CA) enjoyed a lovely ride along the lake in the sunshine and caught some wrasslin' on TV (and found out what happened to Dusty Rhodes, D-Lo Brown and Jeff Hardy). Later, Frito and I went to the butcher's shop in Columbia City for ribs, chicken and tri-tips for tomorrow's BBQ.
I cleaned and did some laundry, got my meats in their marinades and rubs, then caught Ju-On at The Varsity.
Ju-On had some pretty creepy moments, but it was hurt by its low budget. And after awhile, the 'monsters' aren't quite so scary. I wonder if the remake, "The Grudge" will remedy some of those problems in the way that "The Ring" improved on Ringu. Anyway, there were a couple of really great moments, a girl behind me gasped loudly at one point and some of the images were quite haunting.
Tomorrow I'm going to have to do something I've been dreading: Cleaning my room! I don't think the dust bunnies under my bed are gonna go without a fight, but if I can leap out of bed and get to it right away the heat won't have a chance to sap my strength like it did today.
Big UP! to Patty, Heidi, James and Carmel (who sent b-day wishes all the way from NYC!), Jay, my short (but sweet) comrade-in-arms Renee (whose birthday was Thursday), my sister Heidi (thanks for the nice card - I love you too!) my roommates Scott and Cindy and most of all, my mother - for making birthday's possible - even if she doesnae celebrate 'em!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry we didnt make it last night.
Logan and I both got sunburned really bad at the Ren Faire and decided to head home.
I have your cookies though and will make a point of bringing them by sometime this week.

I know I called to say it on Friday but I will post it here again.