A Good Time Was Had By All.

A Good Time Was Had By All.

Meats were roasted, beer was quaffed, there was much laughter and conversation. Suze brought me lemon bars! Frito baked me a blackberry pie and a chocolate raspberry cake! I got cd's, a Nicholson Baker novel (not the new one), chocolate, a uh, "kustom" calendar and one of the "arty" movies with tons of boobies innit. Somehow, we forgot to take pictures...
And even after it was all over, the cleanup was a snap! (As they say in commericals.) Thanks to everyone who came out, sent greetings or at least thought about me!

Moving on: Both the Olympics and English Premiereship started this week. I ran across this and this. And as for the latter, well, Chelsea beat Manchester United (even though a few of Man U's key players were out). It'll be interesting to see how all the new money, new coach and new players play out over the season. I will also enjoy watching Fulham, Portsmouth and Liverpool over the next few months.
Fey Ray is switching practice spaces. After jamming at Sean's for over a year and a half, we're moving back to Troy's place in Fremont - back to our roots, so to speak. We plan to concentrate on writing new material and releasing an e.p. or perhaps a full album sometime in 2005. I caught the Clash documentary on Trio the other day and was inspired all over again to create! I think we'll probably come close to trading blows birthing these new tunes, but I think it'll be worth it. Matt said, "More everything."
We'll see.

Lastly - I am SO getting me one of these!

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