I watched The Venture Brothers the other night...sick and wrong. (Needless to say I laughed my ass off!)
Best line?
Sampson: "Uh, why didn't you tell me Sasquatch was...a dude?!"
Anyway, if you enjoyed watching The Tick as much as I did, you'll like this.
Also, my coworker The Ricker loaned me all of the DVD from Sportsnight. Man, it's sick that this show isn't still on the air - 'cause it was brilliant. Peter Krause is now on Six Feet Under, so I guess that's good but I have never seen a show so tightly written and acted! Felicity Huffman's character, "Dana Whitaker" is the kind of neurotic smart chick I'd totally fall head over heels for (shut up, Tim!)

I also picked up Far Cry this weekend and George hooked me up with a couple of nice books! THANK YOU!

That is all.

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