I spent several minutes while getting ready work practicing different ways to say, "No". I don't know why, but performing abolutions tends to turn my brain off and get me in touch with my subconcious. Maybe that's where I'm coming from these days...or it's a reflection of what been happening to me. When/if I figger it out, I'll get back to you.
Meanwhile! It's August already. I caught a bit of the Torchlight Parade last Saturday and the Port-A-Pottys and NO PARKING signs are going up on my street. Tomorrow the Blue Angels will be practicing for the weekend's big boat race. I, however, am getting the hell out of Dodge and going to visit my friends on the Westsiiide.
Fey Ray is playing the Black Nite Crash Bash 2 on Wednesday 8/11 at The Crocodile, I hope y'all can make it. We'll probably be playing our newish tune "Black Silk Pajamas" and another song Matt says he's got for us. On Friday, I'm celebrating my 37th birthday by going to the movies. On Saturday, we're having a Beer/BBQ bash here at Soul Heaven.

Now, on to other things. I was over at Metafilter and this article pretty much ties together all the claims made about Iraq and WMD's and debunks them. I assume that I'm preaching to the choir here, but this is the first time I've seen it all laid out.

OK. That's all for now.

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