It's been pretty mellow around here lately. I hung out with Hotsy, ate Chinese food. Replaced the brake lever on my bike, visited Meg-Poo and hung out with X-Tina, Brenda, Stu and Rachel. Tonight, I'm going to make dinner for the kids and perhaps check out Takashi Miike's latest offering: GOZU

Sayeth the Stranger:

* Gozu
The most shocking thing about this 2003 film from cult-favorite shockmeister Takashi Miike, is how pedestrian and benign it seems as the beginning. Miike and screenwriter Sakichi Satô introduce two yakuza: the young, hapless Minami (Hideki Sone), and his elder "brother" in the organization, Ozaki (Shô Aikawa). The only problem in this yakuza group is that Ozaki's going crazy--as demonstrated by his darkly hilarious killing of a Chihuahua that he insists is a "yakuza attack dog." Worried about Ozaki's influence on the group, Minami's superior orders him to put Ozaki in a car, drive him out to the country, and have him disposed of. What follows from there is--dare I say it?--pretty boring, with Minami driving Ozaki around the countryside, and the two having conversations that don't really go anywhere. But then Ozaki suddenly disappears, Minami's left to his own devices to try to track him down, and a subtle demonstration of Miike's brilliance begins: slowly but surely, the darkest, funniest sort of surrealism begins to worm its way into the bewildered Minami's tale. I won't spoil the bizarre events Minami's subjected to--instead I'll use the clichéd "has to be seen to be believed" line, and throw in the fact that by the end credits, some utterly fucking unexpected plot twists leave Gozu in a place so far removed from its prosaic opening that it's hardly recognizable as the same film. (ERIK HENRIKSEN) Varsity, Fri-Sun 1:10, 4, 7, 9:50 pm, Mon-Thurs 7, 9:50 pm.

In other news, Hotsy started school this week. I hope the poor girl doesn't run herself ragged.


What Goes On?

What Goes On?

Not much. Fall has embraced the PNW. And while I dread the oncoming cold and wet, inwardly I am rejoicing, thinking about all the soup, TV, beer and books I'm going to consume during the season.
Due to working the Labor Day holiday, I had a little extra in the ol' bank account for a change. So I bought some stuff for my bike, got my tabs renewed and took Bettie in for maintenence. I'm waiting for my girlfriend (yah, it's official...there was no reason to stall, I've known her for quite some time and it skips the awkward "dating" stage) to show up so's we can go out to Renton and pick up a new brake lever. Can you believe that little chunk of metal is gonna cost me $40.22? Especially, when the same part for a Harley-type bike is $6?? What a rip? I did get a good deal on some new grips, but I'm worried they won't fit. Ah, well.
Last Sunday, a bunch of us went to see Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow at the Columbia City Theater. It's nice to see a movie in the 'hood, yo. Usually, I have to go downtown or somewhere up north, but not anymore. As a matter of fact, I'm going to whatever they're showing there, just to support the place. Columbia City recently got a new bookstore, too. I haven't been in yet, but I'm going up there soon. Finally...
Went dancing with Scott, Cindy and Hot Stuff (the GF) on Saturday. Hotsy was not pleased about having to dress up being a very casual sort of gal, but I wanted to see those cute buns in something other than baggy jeans. 'Sides, if I can dress up for a night out, so can she! Oddly, we wound up doing more drinkin' than dancin', but the best part was going to Dick's for cheeseburgers!
On Monday, Cindy and I went into the wilds of Georgetown for lunch at Arby's then we stopped in at Maruta for Pocky and other assorted treats. Cindy started school yesterday and Hotsy begins next week.
I'd like to wish our friend Louise (AKA Weezy) a very happy birthday!! Also, congrats to Oani on starting her new job.
X-tina will be in town for the weekend and hopefully Hotsy and I will get to see a show on Saturday!


I'm Drunk...

I'm Drunk...

And I've been up for over 24 hours, so I don't wanna hear no shite from ye.
There I was working hard on my new opus "Dialectic Negritude: I Gots It, You Might Gets It (a tribute to the Black Blogosphere the late Aaron Hawkins and My Negro George) when WHAM! something kinda neat fell into my lap.
I dunno if we're all like "dogs that have been beat too much," if I may paraphrase Mr. Springsteen, but it seems like allus single folk in our 30's (and summay'all in yr 20's) run around claiming you're ready for the big settle down, only to recoil and run like hell when something might actually happen.
Oh, yeah. I've done it too. Seinfeldian rationalizations. Underminings both conscious and sub. Passive-Aggressive horndoggieness...and to what end?

Alone again, naturally.

Well, not this time. I got a fortune cookie a couple of weeks ago that said I'd dine with someone new...and I did. And so far, it's all right. She's a'ight...and more than I could've ever expected.
Nah, I'm not in Ruv yet...but shit, a couple of more months of this and you're gonna have to slap the permagrin off my face!
But other than what I've just said, I'll spare you the "gruesome" details. But if I look a little younger and/or thinner, seem a lot happier, or (maybe) a bit handsomer - well, I know who to thank.





That was HOT!


While summa y'all are still out lolligagin' and hikin', campin' or bumbershootin' - for me, the weekend is OVER. Being that my company provides service 24-7 worldwide, I have to work a couple of holidays a year, so I went in Sunday night.
Nonetheless, I had an a nice couple of days off. Matt & Tess came over Friday for couple of poker games. They talked me into playing and I promptly lost $10. Ah well.
On Saturday, Laura and I met in the International District for Dim Sum at House of Hong. Then we walked down to Uwajimaya where I found sandalwood soap on sale for .50 a bar - Plus it was buy 3 get one free. The funny thing was the checkout girl couldn't do the math and wound up charging us $2 a box (12 bars) instead of $4. Anyways, I smell gooood.
I was interested in picking up a graphics tablet so Laura kindly drove me around to a couple of place in SODO, but no luck. We walked into RePC as a last ditch effort. No luck there, but I did manage to score a really nice computer case for $60! It's got lights in the fans and a box on the front - it looks like a jukebox! There's room for 8 (Eight!) fans in it and the top and left side are windows. It's freakin' cool!
I'd like to give a showout to my man Chad for teaching me how to put these bad boys todgether. It was about 4 years ago that he helped me with my first computer, a dual 500Mhz P-3 machine. Now I'm rocking a 2800+ Athlon with a gig of RAM, put together myself.


It's a Sammy Hagar Weekend.

It's a Sammy Hagar Weekend.

Not really.

My life has entered a phase of routine, routine. I stand on a broad and barren plateau at twilight, wondering where the sun will come up and what direction I should strike off in.

I just need a sign, man.

However, October is usually the month that brings a change...I think I can wait.

I can't decide if I wanna drag my ass down to Bumbershoot. The price of a ticket and the crowds sap my will. Not even seeing the mighty Pixies or American Music Club can make me do it...at least I don't think so.

I went to Dim Sum with Liz today and IQU and Helio Sequence are playing a free show at Chop Suey tonight...just sayin'.

And I received word that Sean is moving back to New York. So if you know of any guitarists who can sing and play keyboards, let me know!


You Go, girl!

You GO, girl!

"The best thing is that we're all American, and this tournament represents America," Venus said.