It's a Sammy Hagar Weekend.

It's a Sammy Hagar Weekend.

Not really.

My life has entered a phase of routine, routine. I stand on a broad and barren plateau at twilight, wondering where the sun will come up and what direction I should strike off in.

I just need a sign, man.

However, October is usually the month that brings a change...I think I can wait.

I can't decide if I wanna drag my ass down to Bumbershoot. The price of a ticket and the crowds sap my will. Not even seeing the mighty Pixies or American Music Club can make me do it...at least I don't think so.

I went to Dim Sum with Liz today and IQU and Helio Sequence are playing a free show at Chop Suey tonight...just sayin'.

And I received word that Sean is moving back to New York. So if you know of any guitarists who can sing and play keyboards, let me know!


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fat_girl said...

what? no AMC? no Pixies? say it aint so! you're getting old. XOXO