While summa y'all are still out lolligagin' and hikin', campin' or bumbershootin' - for me, the weekend is OVER. Being that my company provides service 24-7 worldwide, I have to work a couple of holidays a year, so I went in Sunday night.
Nonetheless, I had an a nice couple of days off. Matt & Tess came over Friday for couple of poker games. They talked me into playing and I promptly lost $10. Ah well.
On Saturday, Laura and I met in the International District for Dim Sum at House of Hong. Then we walked down to Uwajimaya where I found sandalwood soap on sale for .50 a bar - Plus it was buy 3 get one free. The funny thing was the checkout girl couldn't do the math and wound up charging us $2 a box (12 bars) instead of $4. Anyways, I smell gooood.
I was interested in picking up a graphics tablet so Laura kindly drove me around to a couple of place in SODO, but no luck. We walked into RePC as a last ditch effort. No luck there, but I did manage to score a really nice computer case for $60! It's got lights in the fans and a box on the front - it looks like a jukebox! There's room for 8 (Eight!) fans in it and the top and left side are windows. It's freakin' cool!
I'd like to give a showout to my man Chad for teaching me how to put these bad boys todgether. It was about 4 years ago that he helped me with my first computer, a dual 500Mhz P-3 machine. Now I'm rocking a 2800+ Athlon with a gig of RAM, put together myself.

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