I guess the biggest personal news is that I'm moving! After living with Frito for most of the last 6 or so years, I'm leaving SOUL HEAVEN (while he still likes me) and moving to a new place.
It's a spacious house with plenty of room for having y'all over for summer BBQ's, B-day and holiday partys and the occasional "Just Cuz We Felt Like It" get-together. I think some of you know my new housemate Laura M.
We're gonna skip having a land line, so I'm FINALLY going to give in and get a cell-phone! I'll have a number in a couple of days.
I don't plan on being in the new space until sometime around, on or after Nov. 4th.
I'm gonna miss the Haus of Intrigue - South Genesee Branch (AKA Home of the SGC AKA SOUL HEAVEN) and Scott is most generous, considerate and kind (*sniff*) roommate/landlord one could hope for, but I'm looking forward to new adventures in a new place!

I haven't updated in awhile, 'cos there's so much going on I can't seem to keep track of it all!
Fey Ray is trying out guitarists, there was The Stranger's Genius Awards last week, work, friends, Troll A Go Go...

The days grow short and the evenings cold. In the darkness leave rustle, an owl hoots, and an unseen thing goes bump in the night. It can only mean one thing...

It's time once again for:

The annual All-Hallows Eve masquerade party & fundraising benefit for the Fremont Arts Council with music by:

FCS North (featuring DJ Collage)
Sun-Tzu Sound
& No-Fi Soul Rebellion

and performance from:
inFusion Tribal Belly Dance
The Cabiri
& more!

SUNDAY OCTOBER 31st, 2004, 9:00pm (8:00pm Doors) @ the Chocolate Factory (old Red Hook Brewery) 3400 Phinney Ave North

An annual All-Hallows-Eve celebration, haunted masquerade ball, and Fremont Arts Council fundraiser, TROLL-A-GO-GO 2004, once again brings you a night of music, trapeze, belly-dance and art & performance of all sort – with YOU, in all your costumed glory, as the fabulous centerpiece of the d├ęcor!

This year's Troll-a-go-go takes place on Halloween night, Sunday October 31st at The Chocolate Factory (aka: the old Red Hook Brewery building) at N 34th St. & Phinney Ave North – the same location as last year’s memorable, all-star masquerade blow-out, attended by over 900 people!

Ticket prices are $8 in advance, $10 at the door ($15 w/out costume). This event is 21+ only (w/ I.D.) and beer & wine will be available to ‘lubricate your groove thang’ for a whirlwind night of costumed festivities, masked decadence & delicious haunted revelry.

***As many of you know, TROLL-A-GO GO has reputation for selling out!***
So get your tickets early and help support the Fremont Arts Council's
critical work of keeping community arts and free expression alive and well
in this great city of ours.

Advance tickets available at all Sonic Boom Records locations or online at:


The Fremont Arts Council: http://www.fremontartscouncil.org
FCS North: http://www.fcsnorth.com/index.php
DJ Collage: http://www.lasarletter.com/DJCollage/djmain.htm
Sun-Tzu Sound: http://www.suntzusound.com
No-Fi Soul Rebellion: http://www.nofisoulrebellion.com
inFusion Tribal Belly Dance: http://www.infusiontribal.com
The Cabiri: http://www.anunnaki.org/cabiri
Sonic Boom Records: http://www.sonicboomrecords.com

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