Back in the Saddle Again!

Back in the Saddle Again!

A few of you have called or written asking how the move went and how things are going. Here is my report:

The move was pretty smooth. I'd taken a load of stuff already boxed up over here a week before "M-day" and so I wound up only making two additional trips. Frito had taken me to Lowe's and we picked up some plastic bins with lids and they made wonderful, stackable containers. I found that over half my possession are (you ready for it?) books and CDs.
Things got a little hectic afterwards, I was pretty tired but couldn't rest yet. I'd only gotten everything IN the house not necessarily where it belongs...that has been a work in progress -- but progress has been steadily made.
Most of last week was devoted to hanging pictures, moving stuff around, doing laundry and sorting through stuff. We gave Dan a mini freezer and made a couple of dump runs.
Saturday was a exhausting. We got up early and headed south to Southcenter Mall, hit a bunch of bed and bath joints, both Pier 1 and Cost Plus and then Ikea and Costco...which I found depressing. I walked through the store while Laura was taking care of some bidness, looking at all the newlyweds and teenagers and middle aged and old folks, basically making a day out of shopping. Everyone looked well-fed and content and happy, glad to be out of the house and spending their hard-earned cast on...stuff. I'm not exactly an anti-capitalist, but I guess I'm not the type who gets excited about spending money (unless it's on beer or music). I bought a 1000 disc holder for my CD's and was somewhat dismayed to find that I might need another...I still have two boxes of discs down here in the basement.
Anyway, Laura and I have different styles, tastes and modus operandi, so there's been a bit of friction, mostly due to stress (and she's not feeling well) and after a day of running around we were really getting on each other's nerves. However, we talked about it and things are better now. We got the computer room set-up and over the next couple of days, the entertainment room will be set up.
Then we can have some folks over!

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