Back To It.

Back To It

The weekend was utterly unremarkable. I messed around on Friday after work until about 3PM, laid down for a nap after making tentative plans with the Frito and work up 12 hours later. Damn.
Saturday was difficult at first, then got better with Heidi's arrival. She came over to see my band.
So we goofed off for awhile and got caught up, then went over to the practice space to load out.
The gig went well...although we played first, so a bunch of friends showed later and missed us. My coworkers, Molly, Renee and Rick were there and Dante came out, as did Stu, Scott, Cindy, Jerri, Rachel and Neil. I think we played well, despite of a rather bad, crackly PA. We have another gig in a couple of weeks, but it's on a weeknight...so all those people who said, "Man, let me know when you're playing on a weekend, I'll be there!" and didn't show up? Phooey on Yooey.
After our set, the second band came on...let's just say that most of my friends did not appreciate their style...so Neil, Stu, Rachel, Renee, Heidi, Scott and I moseyed across the street to Dante's for a drink and some Pomme Frites. I was good and buzzed after four pints of AJ Winter Ale (The bartender, to her credit, warned me to be careful) and Stu and I remembered how we used to come down to Dante's for Dollar Pitcher night back in the day. I met Tim (and Free) for the first time in that bar, on a night we got so sloshed, a bunch of us wound up standing in a circle on a dock on Green Lake, passing around a big jug of cheap red wine -- shivering in the cold and attempting to discuss politics, forgetting our points halfway.
Renee musta gotten into that spirit, Heidi and I had to take her home and I had to clean the puke out of Heidi's car door, but all's well that ends well.
On Sunday Heidi and I went to "our spot", Beth's Cafe for salt and grease (delivered via eggs and hash browns.) Afterwards, she headed back to Bremerton and I played Half-Life 2 for awhile, then helped Laura try to set up the stereo in the TV room. We had mac n cheese for dinner, then I was off to work.

It's hard to believe we're standing at the mouth of the X-mas season. Orphan's Thanksgiving is coming up and there's a rash of birthdays in December. Then the two barest months and it all begins again. Is it possible to maintain a sense of wonder in a (somewhat) orderly universe? I feel my world has gotten smaller these last couple of years...and it makes me unhappy. How does one balance that against getting older (perhaps slower) when one is not involved in "domestication" like so many of my friends?


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