Thought Of The Day

Thoughts Of The Day

Y'know, there sure are a lot of stories about ODB's passing. I mean A LOT. Personally, I think the media outlets just like writing Ol' Dirty Bastard...

Louise came by the other day to chat and check out the house, making her my second guest and first official one. Renee came by when we were moving in, but we weren't set up yet. I gave Weez a tour and she got introduced to Laura and a good time was had by all.
Sometime between now and the weekend, the entertainment room will get set up. The rugs have finally arrived, now all we have to do is play some musical chairs with stuff in there and it should be nice!

Fey Ray is playing @ The Monkey Pub on Saturday night. Should be a lot of fun. We had a band meeting on Sunday before practice and I'm feeling a lot more optimistic about the (immediate) future of the band. We're still looking for a guitarist, but playing with James has been fun. It's cool to see how the music can stand up to these changes, starting as a trio, then adding Sean on guitar and backing vox, then swapping Sean out with James on keyboard. Personally, I think the ideal scenario is to keep James AND a second guitar. James can play several instruments and the idea of four-part harmonies makes me grin. I think think our next recording is going to be wilder and much more adventurous, which couldn't make me happier! Anyway, the Monkey Pub is a pretty cool place -- laid back, a good selection of beers and good fries! Stu and I played our first gig with Mr. Pope waaaayyy back in '92.

There has been some interesting fallout from the election. Most progressives I know seem to be quickly working through their grief and girding thier loins for battle. I think there are several positive outcomes for this, one is that we are finally recognizing who our base is. Second, several friends of mine are attending informal meetings to discuss what went wrong, etc. and how we might move on from here. Third, I think several people -- who simply weren't paying attention before are getting active. There's a lot more at stake than gays and terror and I believe the greatest threats to my life, liberty and pursuit of happiness come from right here.
For me, the question is not "What Happened?" it's "What are we gonna do about it?" Personally, I think the focus should be at the local level. If the cities are our strength, then we should start there and move outward.

Also - I started Half-Life 2 yesterday. OMFG!! it's awesome! The graphics are amazing, the gameplay engrossing...I have to tear myself away. If you like FPS or computer gaming in general, you simple have to have this one...

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