What We Did Last Night:

What We Did Last Night:

Seattle School presents:
The Popular Real Time Live Songwriting Competition, Drinking Game, and Aural Obstacle Course

Seattle, WA - IRON COMPOSER continues it's popular monthly run at the Crocodile on Friday Nov 26th, with a musical battle royale between Brent Amaker of Dorkweed and guitar god Ian Moore. The November IC show has an overwhelming number of insurance-nightmare scenarios for audience participation, and includes an election by the audience in an opportunity to vote for new members of the Songwriting Stadium staff. Positions up for elections include: The Chairman, The Interloper, The Cheerleader and The Cop.

Celebrity judges will be Q13 Fox Sportscaster Dan Devone; host of 107.7 FM The End's Morning Alternative DJ No Name; and playwright, director, & theater critic for The Stranger Bret Fetzer. Opening act is The Xenophiles, and post show entertainment provided by Batum Schrag. For the competition, one audience member, randomly chosen as the "secret ingredient," gushes about his or her current state of affairs (or nefarious past) in a five-minute interview. Each composer draws inspiration from the personal these life-details and incorporates those into an original song to be performed at the end of the bout.

Think it's that easy? This 45-minute competition is divided into five nine-minute segments. Each segment contains a "Mystery Chaos," performed by The Interloper (Korby Sears of Seattle School) which distracts the composers. As added molasses, each composer drinks a shot of liquor at the beginning of each round, consuming five shots in the course of 45 minutes. Each composer is equipped with "musical kitchens" contaning: one guitar, one piano, paper and pencil and one Sous Chef Line Musician. The Sous Chef conducts live rehearsals with the house band on stage, and composers can only communicate with the band via their Sous Chef. Now that's what we call confounding! Yahear?

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This really sounded like fun, and boy, it was! The best case of "organized chaos" that I've seen in a long while. At first I was pulling for Ian Moore, but Brent Amaker's song, "Prostitution, Drugs and Burglary in Spokane" (really, ya had to be there) won the day. The show ended kind of early, so Laurie, Stu, Mecedes, Scott, Cindy and I wandered around Belltown looking for someplace to eat, finally winding up at the Wasabi Bistro.

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