Whotta crazy week. Aside from putting on Troll A Go Go and packing to move, we see the same bad actors, crooks, bigots and enemies of democracy, freedom and (just about) anyone who doesn't make over 100K a year voted back into office.
Apparently, my fellow Americans are more scared of gays and terrorists than they are of losing their jobs, being uninsured, more war, deeper deficits or not having Social Security. Y'all want a strong leader? Someone who stands by his convictions despite (or in spite of) the facts? Well, I guess that's nothing new, after all - it's what the Japanese, Germans and Italians wanted from their leaders in '30's.
See what it got them...
There's an old term that military guys use: BOHICA. It stands for Bend Over Here It Comes Again! Nonetheless, I ain't bitter. As I said before, I think Kerry would've faced some pretty rabid opposition with the GOP in control of Congress, not to mention all the freeper types dogging him daily. Even if we were lucky, it would take a couple of years to get anything done and it would be bitter and partisan all the way.
I was surprised he conceeded so early, but maybe he thought (like I would):
"Fuck it, I'm rich. And I speak French. I can leave this bitch if I have to. They got windsurfing in Bali, right?"
Jezuz, I'm gonna be 41 before that asshole is out of office...that really bums me out. But what bums me out more is that in better, smarter hands, this wouldn't have even been a contest. With all that bad news (and trust me, there's more to come) out of Iraq and the fact that Dubya barely hung on during the debates AND the previous bullshit pulled over the last couple of years, you'd think anyone with a brain could see that this guy should be in charge of anything. And to the 11 or so percent of Dems who voted for Bush? Two words: Fuck You.
But I digress.
Now I wonder about three things:

1.) How Iraq and Afghanistan will play out. Since GWB broke it, he's not gonna have to watch someone else fix it. The international community will probably deal, but grudgingly - and could blame them?
2.) Now that he doesn't even have to pretend he's a moderate, how is that going to screw me?
3.) Who could oppose the GOP in 2006 and 2008.
4.) The Supreme Court...3 of them could be retiring soon and what that could mean.

I sure this feeling of waiting for the other shoe to drop will fade into background noise at some point. A fellas gotta earn a living, take care of bidness and get laid no matter who's in charge. I got a long weekend ahead of me and after I get into my new place, I'm going to get wasted, free my mind so my ass can follow and see what else I can get into. After that, I'm gonna keep on keepin' on the best way I know how.

Johnny Lydon (before he became a total git) once sang "Anger is an energy." I plan to put that energy to good use, fa'reals.