So, I went to a party on Friday with Stu and Evangeline, thrown by the Seattle School guys in West Seattle. There were a bevy of attractive people there and I threw down some vanilla vodka and discussed the finer points of ABC's "The Lexicon of Love" album with the host. While we were on the balcony smoking, Evangeline told me a funny story about how she got into a Bootsy Collins show at Bumbershoot several years ago. I was home by 12.
On Saturday, I was getting ready to meet Heidi, her sisters and stepfather at the International Motorcycle Show when Laura informed me that she and her friend (who was visiting from out of town) were going to go too. So I rode with them, but en route they decided to get some food first. So I got dropped off.
Heidi found me after about 10 minutes, then we wandered around looking for her folks. After we all hooked up, we wandered around trying to take it all in. I sat on a bunch of Harley's but didn't like most of them, they seems kinda narrow and small and the seats weren't as comfy as my Kawasaki. I did like both the Road King and the Springer, though.
I also am seriously wondering if I'd have to sell I kidney to move up to the Drifter 1500. I'm a little too unsure about my job to be getting further into debt, but I'm sure I could find a '01 or '02 for the same amount that I'm paying for my 800.
Anyway, we left and went to the New Orleans Cafe for lunch. Then I went back to the show to meet Laura. I really wanted to look for a new helmet, but I didn't see anything I liked. So we sat on more bikes and I fantasized about my dream rides, The Fat Bloke by Exile Motorcycles, The The Harley-Davidson Road King Custom, and The Honda F6 Valkyrie.
We were pretty much beat my late afternoon...I spent the rest of the day at home.
On Sunday, Laura and I got early to do some shopping. I swear sometimes my roommate and I are speaking separate languages. We went out to Costco to buy food an' shit and en route to making a stop at Uwajimaya, I was talking about my motorcycle.

Me: I hope to get some new tires once I get it back. And maybe some saddlebags. Too bad that stuff is so expensive. Tires and saddlebags could run me $700!

Her: Well, you know that bag of frozen veggies you bought? You coulda got the same amount of stuff for way cheaper if you'd bought it fresh!

Me: Yeah, but most times I don't feel like choppin'! (long pause) Uh...what does that have to do with motorcycles?!

She went on to clarify her point (which incidentally, still had nothing to do with motorcycles) but I think what actually happened is that I caught her not listening and by some Women's Union rules, she had to cover it up! Once again, proving that you ladies can be just as bad as us guys, you just have better P.R.

Anyway, if you've been reading this blog awhile, you know I love soup when it's cold out. Especially Udon or Pho! So I was dying to get some Hon Dashi Bonito Flakes. I also bought a crab soup base, frozen Udon noodles, miso paste & sweet soy sauce. We looked around in the food court, I wanted Humbow and found a little bakery that hooked me up.
Laura, however, is on a Filipino food kick and didn't like the little joint in the mall (and when I say "didn't like", I really mean really fuckin' hated!) so we drove up to Beacon Hill to another spot we frequent, with her ranted about the lousy food in the food court and how they were not representin' the whole way.
As she got out of the car she says:

"You comin'?"
"Nah," says I, biting into my humbow. "I'm already smackin'."
"Fine!" Laura huffs.
"Hey...couldja get some Lumpia?" I ask.
"FUCK YOU!" She yelled, slamming the car door.

By the time we hauled all the crap into the house, we were wiped. So we watched The Bourne Supremacy (I got my Lumpia, BTW (she's crazy, but sweet)), then racked out. Then it was off to work...