Stu's Birthday!

Stu's Birthday...

was Sunday and his girlfriend Rachel and I had been conspiring to throw him a surprise party on Friday. I rented a car 'cause I was tired of digging for change evertime I to take the bus...my bike won't be ready for another couple of weeks. We had everyone meet us at The Rendezvous in Belltown and Rachel met Stu under the pretense that she was taking him out to dinner.
Laura went in with me on his gift, which was all five of Eddie Izzard's concert DVD's.
Stu is pretty hard to surprise, but we actually managed to anyway!
It was a really nice party. A bunch of people I had not seen in a long time showed up. Rachel decorated the space with balloons and such and we had cupcakes instead of a b-day cake...and we drank a lot. I swear I only had 4-5 beers and with food and buying other folks stuff my tab was still around $100. Laura came with me but is still feeling ill - so she cabbed it home.
We stayed until 1:30AM.

Next year is the big FOUR OH...

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