White Noise?

Laura, Tracy and I went to see White Noise on Friday night. It was OK. While there were some pretty creepy moments, I thought the movie relied on "gotcha" moments too much. Michael Keaton is back, an actor I've enjoyed watching, though he bugs me a bit. I wonder what he's really like, y'know? Along with Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise, Keaton stuck me as a sort of real life Steve Dallas...though not as pathetic, more in the aging 80's frat guy trying too hard to be cool sort of way.
Earlier that day , Laura and I ran all over town running errands and shopping for her dinner party on Saturday night. We went to check on my motorcycle. The repair place was trying to tell me they needed to open my engine up (to the tune of $600+) to see if I had carbon build up on my rear cylinder. Something sounded fishy to me, so I told them I'd get back to 'em. I remembered a product called Sea Foam took care of carbon buildup and few other things and wondered why they didn't mention it. So I decided I'd be bringing the bike home. On the way back Laura wanted to stop at Bent Bike, a motorcycle shop in Edmonds. She saw a used Kawasaki 500 and fell in love with it. It had only 2000 miles on it, saddlebags and a windshield and the only defect I could see was a dent on the left side of the tank. She decided to sleep on it, but we wandered around and tried on helmets and boots. Laura got me a pair of ride bells to scare off "road gremlins."
On Saturday morning, I rolled out of bed and went to the grocery store for items that Laura forgot to get the day before. Then I went to band practice.
We'd invited 12 over for dinner and were having a roast with fresh herbs and mushrooms, green beans with proscuitto, roasted red pepper and onions, salad, risotto with spinach and asagio cheese. We also had creamy horseradish, salmon pate and crackers and lots of wine.
For dessert the was orange chocolate cookies that Tabitha made and chocolate cake with raspberry sauce. I was also mixing vodka and POG juice. Everything came out wonderfully and it was really nice to have everyone over, kind of like a mini-Orphan's Thanksgiving.
Sunday was cleanup and football...then work.
Monday night, Laura decided that she wanted the motorcycle, so we went out to get it and I rode it home. It felt like riding a kid's bike, but it did quite well in traffic. She rode it around a parking lot a few times without much trouble, so I assume she'll do just fine when she takes the Motorcycle Safety course in February.
We got my bike yesterday. It felt a little weird at first, but then I really started to relax and enjoy myself on the ride home. Bettie looks great! I'm considering a trade up to a 1500, but I'd have to see if I can afford it first.
There's been a round of sick folks in the office and I think it's finally gotten me. I have a sore throat and I'm totally run down. I hope I can recover, I've got a lot to do this weekend...


Randomage in Musica:

Randomage in Musica:

I'm lame, I got the idea from George .

Part I: Random 10

  1. "She Does Everything for Me" by The Zombies
  2. "Blood Brother" by Mission UK
  3. "Shoes" by Kings X
  4. "Raisin' the Stakes" by Groove Armada
  5. "Romeo" by Basement Jaxx
  6. "Dub De Pum Pum" by the Silvertones
  7. "Atom Tan" by The Clash
  8. "Science Generals" by Tintin
  9. "White Buffalo" by Transpacific
  10. "What the Pillar of Salt Held Up" by American Music Club

Part II: 5 Questions

1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
I'm in the process of getting all the "essential" stuff on my machine at home. So far it's about 13K songs. About 35 days of music.

2. The last CD you bought is:
Muses' Absolution...I saw the video for "Hysteria" and it kicked my ass.

3. What is the song you last listened to before this message?
I burned a disc of random mp3's to listen to at work. I think it was a Fats Waller song, but I'm not sure which one.

4. Write down five songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you.
"Apology for an Accident" American Music Club,
"In the Flesh?" Pink Floyd,
"Ted, Woody and Junior" Robyn Hitchcock & the Egyptians,
"Gold Day" Sparklehorse,
"Game of Pricks" Guided By Voices

5. Who are you gonna pass this stick to (three persons and why)?
Matt, Renee and Tabitha...'cause I dare.


I'm in a Petulent Frenzy...

I'm in a Petulant Frenzy...

"Fuck Armageddon... This Is Hell!"

There's people out there that say I'm no good,
'Cause I don't believe the things that I should,
And when the final conflict comes, I'll be so sorry I did wrong,
And hope and pray that our lord god will think I'm good.

Countries manufacture bombs and guns
To kill your brother for something that he hasn't even done.
Smog is ruining my lungs, but they aren't sorry they've done wrong,
They hide behind their lies that they're helping everyone.

In the end the good will go to heaven up above,
The bad will perish in the depths of hell.
How can hell be any worse when life alone is such a curse?

Fuck Armageddon, this is hell [x3]

We're living in the denoument of the battle's gripping awe,
So what's the use of being good to satisfy them all?

How could hell be any worse? Life alone is such a curse!
Fuck Armageddon, this is hell [x5]

-Bad Religion


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komo news | Heavy Rain Brings Flood Threat

Heavy Rain Brings Flood Threat

Since I don't live near a river, or on a flood plain, I ain't worried. I am OTOH quite happy about the change in temperature the rains brought! It's almost 60 freakin' degrees out. Anything over 50 is shorts weather to a Northwesterner!
I had to cut off all my hair again, 'cause the cold was making my scalp dry out. Its suppose to rain for the next two weeks. But it'll also be above 50 the whole time.
Whoo Hoo!




The week went by rather quickly. I got some good sleep & puttered around doing my thing otherwise and by Friday, I couldn't decide what I was gonna do. So I stayed in and watched Battlestar Galactica. Yeah, I know. But did you see it?
I watched the original growing up and while I loved the special effects, the stories and acting were cheesy as hell. And Galactica 1980? Man, we don't even talk about that.
So this version is so much better. It somewhat grim and tense, which is pretty much what you'd be if you were running for your lives from a relentless and ruthless enemy. And with the exception of DS9, this kicks ass over the other Star Trek shows. So...uh....there.
Anyway, on Saturday Matt kept breaking strings at band practice, so we piled in her car and went over to American Music in Fremont to get some new strings and do the kid in the expensive toy store thing. We ran into one of the guys from Argo and chatted with him for a bit.
Later on, Laura and I went down to see Seth's other band, The Graze and local guys Spanish for 100 at Tost.
I was really impressed by Seth's guitar work! It was hard to believe he's only been playing with those guys for less than a month. Spanish for 100 played a really good set and whipped through the fastest version of "Radio Free Europe" I've ever heard. Robb Benson's new(?) band was up next, but we bailed, 'cause I think he's annoyingly smug.
Laura decided she wanted 1.) food and 2.) dancing, so while I was closing my tab she disappeared only show up with hot dogs! I had one with sauerkraut and another with carmelized onions. It was the best thing EVAR. We went to the Baltic Room 'cause I was pretty sure I get us in for free. Tess, Aaron, Jason and some of their friends were there, seated in the prime viewing spot. Tess and Laura went off to the dance floor and left us fellas behind to smoke and o b s e r v e.
I hadn't seen Tess since Stu's birthday, so we got caught up and Aaron showed me the clubs new 5.1 Dolby sound system. He told me I could come in for a dub set on a Friday. I can't wait...need new records though.
We left around last call.
I watched football all day Sunday, then Laura and I went grocery shopping. Then she made curry for dinner and then I took a nap and headed into work...where there were just two of us all night. Fortunately, Molly and I didn't get overwhelmed, though it looked kinda hairy when I was retrieving images and couldn't find one.
So...now I'm back at home. I've eaten some Raisin Bran and I'm going upstairs to lay in bed, listen to music and read "The Devil in the White City."


Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches

"Dahr Jamail's Iraq Dispatches were quickly recognized as an important media resource and he is now writing for the Inter Press Service, The NewStandard and many other outlets. His reports have also been published with The Nation, The Sunday Herald and Islam Online, to name just a few. Dahr's dispatches and hard news stories have been translated into Polish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese and Arabic. On the radio, Dahr is a special correspondent for Flashpoints and reports for the BBC, Democracy Now!, and numerous other stations around the globe.

Dahr has spent a total of 8 months in occupied Iraq as one of only a few independent US journalists in the country. Dahr uses the DahrJamailIraq.com website and his popular mailing list to disseminate his dispatches."

You should SERIOUSLY check this stuff out. It's amazing....


Bush nominates judge to head homeland security


Michael Chertoff, huh?

Nevah heard of him...but look here! An article from 2003...I guess we shoulda expected it, huh?


Ran. Dom.


The weekend was plesant. I met my friend Tracy and she and I went to the Sunset Tavern in lovely Ballard to attend the American Music Club tribute night/ACLU benefit. There were many good performances, but Sanford Arms, Jake London and Paul Hiraga from Downpilot really stood out. I was a little disappointed that with a back catalog as big as AMC's, that more songs weren't covered. 3 versions of "Johnny Mathis' Feet?!" Come on!
I pretty much spent Saturday sleeping and watching TV, until Megan-Poo called me and invited me down to the Crocodile Cafe. We saw local popsters Tennis Pro and "new" band Slender Means (formally Light Heavyweight, formally Fields of Mars) . I bailed before headliners Super Deluxe. Why?
I hate them.
I will spare you a rant, however.
After much speculation, it finally snowed early Saturday morning but it was pretty much gone by noon. Some guy smashed into a stop sign down the block and it actually made the news... Pathetic.
The fellas tell me there's a cool Jazz lecture series at EMP. Wednesday, they're covering Miles Davis' "In a Silent Way" with a live band. Adam (one of my former roommates) is
playing drums.
I think I'll check it out.

Poynter Online - The Language of Race

The Language of Race

Poynter Online - The Language of Race is a very interesting article I ran into that discusses how journalists use a sort of "shorthand" to describe racial and class indentifiers in news stories. Ex:

White-run news organizations historically used racial identifiers to distinguish the person from white people. If you were not white and you were in the news, your race would be mentioned. It was that simple. An example from the archives of a southern newspaper under the headline, "Harm Escaped by Bed Smoker":

"Ivory Jefferson, Negro, 31, Beaumont, Tex., truck driver, told police he was awakened about 5 a.m. Friday by a combination of heat, smoke, and the clanging of a fire bell." –December 1959

Black people, like American Indians, Asians, and Latinos, were regarded as a "separate society," a retired southern newspaper editor once told me. So it was natural to identify them by race so that white readers would know the story wasn’t about white people. The use of race had nothing to do with the details of how a person looked. All that mattered was that they were not white.

I've often wondered about this. When I was growing up and we'd be watching the news and some heinous crime was being reported, the first thing my parents wanted to know was "Did a black guy do it?" And they'd be disappointed if they had or elated if they hadn't.
I don't subscribe to any notions of being some sort of ambassador for one's ethnic indentity, but when I hear of some brother being an asshole - I still cringe.
I think it's similar to the way one of my coworkers feels when she hears about Neo-Nazi activies in her native Idaho...or something.


Ain't That a Blip!

Ain't That a Blip!

Due to the ongoing controversy over the govenor's race here in Washington, The Seattle Times decided to print a link the the King County voter list. You can enter yr info and find out if the database considered your vote.
Here's the thing. I entered my name and the ZIP code I was living at and guess what? According to the database I didn't.
Thing is, I remember quite distinctly getting off work that day and walking in the rain to the polling place. I remember throughly filling out my ballot. And I remember signing my name in the book. Something's wrong here...I'm going to have to look into fixing it.


Blogger Meetup

Metafliter Meetup

I attended the Seattle Metafilter meetup last night. The second one in as many months. This time, Frito met me at the bar (The Elysian) and after running into John and Kevin from Barca we found and settled in with the group.
It's a pretty strange, but interesting developement that people can meet and get to "know" one another (as much as one can "know" another) completely online. It's even better when you click with someone online and they turn out to be as cool or cooler in person. Over the last 8 or so years I've really begun to appreciate all the ways that people interact.
Caitlinb was in the house, along with her brother. She and I used to work together back in my insurance days. She's still got that brainy/sexy thing going on; Mehran and I used to call her "The Heartthrob" or "Throb" for short. Even though we didn't a chance to talk, it was really good to see her after 14 years.
Mike was there. If you've been reading my blatherings for awhile, perhaps you'll recall Tess and Aaron's wedding and the email I got from the guy who was sitting behind us while waiting for the ferry. Mike and Frito chatted about Amazon...geek stuff about Merchant program user features and the like. And the girls told him that he resembled the actor David Morse (St. Elsewhere, Contact, etc.)
Cirocco (who, along with agropyron, is a n00b) and astruc were on the far side of the table from me so I didn't get to talk to them. Astruc has the the most engaging smile I've ever seen. She looks a lot like Matt's wife Leslie. And she's somewhat notorious! Cirocco is a SushiRobo fan (I learned that later). Danelope was cool. We've hung out at a couple of meets. He sat with us boys and cracked wise until the ladies called him over. Fatllama is studying physics at the UW, playing with atoms n' shit- he must be made of exotic particles 'cause he somehow escaped having his photo taken. I gave Kindall a compilation of music by the band Spoon, 'cause they'd come up in a thread about Pitchforkmedia.com a couple of weeks ago.
We sat and talked, flirted and teased each other until close to 10PM. It was the best meet so far, even though some people I'd like to see again were missing.
Next time, fa sheezy.