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I attended the Seattle Metafilter meetup last night. The second one in as many months. This time, Frito met me at the bar (The Elysian) and after running into John and Kevin from Barca we found and settled in with the group.
It's a pretty strange, but interesting developement that people can meet and get to "know" one another (as much as one can "know" another) completely online. It's even better when you click with someone online and they turn out to be as cool or cooler in person. Over the last 8 or so years I've really begun to appreciate all the ways that people interact.
Caitlinb was in the house, along with her brother. She and I used to work together back in my insurance days. She's still got that brainy/sexy thing going on; Mehran and I used to call her "The Heartthrob" or "Throb" for short. Even though we didn't a chance to talk, it was really good to see her after 14 years.
Mike was there. If you've been reading my blatherings for awhile, perhaps you'll recall Tess and Aaron's wedding and the email I got from the guy who was sitting behind us while waiting for the ferry. Mike and Frito chatted about Amazon...geek stuff about Merchant program user features and the like. And the girls told him that he resembled the actor David Morse (St. Elsewhere, Contact, etc.)
Cirocco (who, along with agropyron, is a n00b) and astruc were on the far side of the table from me so I didn't get to talk to them. Astruc has the the most engaging smile I've ever seen. She looks a lot like Matt's wife Leslie. And she's somewhat notorious! Cirocco is a SushiRobo fan (I learned that later). Danelope was cool. We've hung out at a couple of meets. He sat with us boys and cracked wise until the ladies called him over. Fatllama is studying physics at the UW, playing with atoms n' shit- he must be made of exotic particles 'cause he somehow escaped having his photo taken. I gave Kindall a compilation of music by the band Spoon, 'cause they'd come up in a thread about Pitchforkmedia.com a couple of weeks ago.
We sat and talked, flirted and teased each other until close to 10PM. It was the best meet so far, even though some people I'd like to see again were missing.
Next time, fa sheezy.

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Sara said...

It was great meeting you, Stacey!