Ran. Dom.


The weekend was plesant. I met my friend Tracy and she and I went to the Sunset Tavern in lovely Ballard to attend the American Music Club tribute night/ACLU benefit. There were many good performances, but Sanford Arms, Jake London and Paul Hiraga from Downpilot really stood out. I was a little disappointed that with a back catalog as big as AMC's, that more songs weren't covered. 3 versions of "Johnny Mathis' Feet?!" Come on!
I pretty much spent Saturday sleeping and watching TV, until Megan-Poo called me and invited me down to the Crocodile Cafe. We saw local popsters Tennis Pro and "new" band Slender Means (formally Light Heavyweight, formally Fields of Mars) . I bailed before headliners Super Deluxe. Why?
I hate them.
I will spare you a rant, however.
After much speculation, it finally snowed early Saturday morning but it was pretty much gone by noon. Some guy smashed into a stop sign down the block and it actually made the news... Pathetic.
The fellas tell me there's a cool Jazz lecture series at EMP. Wednesday, they're covering Miles Davis' "In a Silent Way" with a live band. Adam (one of my former roommates) is
playing drums.
I think I'll check it out.

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